Easy Custom Design for Subscription Boxes|The Box


It’s FRIDAYYYY! And boy do I have a lot of stuff to do. So you guys know that I’m working on setting up my subscription box service. Kind of putting the cart before the horse but related. The We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Studio-in-a-Box is made up of the kind of goodies and fun projects and lessons that you’ll see in the studio. All of it delivered right to your doorstep. Practicing my communication skills (my undergrad degree) and working on video tutorials to go with the projects in the boxes.

I’ve found some really cool fashion and sewing related products. I’m a great curator if I do say so myself. Right now I’m working on my box design and getting my goodies together for a prototype box. I mean I can tell you through my launch page how GREAT this box will be but until you see a sample for yourself you just don’t know.

Packlane, which I found through the site Subscription School, allows you to custom design your subscription. It’s really easy. A matter of just uploading your artwork to the 3D model box. I can’t wait to get my sample boxes. If you haven’t worked out your images yet, you can word sample boxes for 6.00 postage.

What do you think?! I get goose bumps looking at them. I can’t wait to have the samples in hand.

The Box!!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be gathering more goodies and revealing a prototype of the Studio-in-a-Box. If your interest is peaked, don’t forget to sign up through the Launchrock page. Happy Friday!

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She Tried It|The Coco Bag

Dog Glasses

DIY Pet Photo Bag

  • Materials:
    • camera with filters (black and white)
    • photo editing software ( I used Photoshop and Illustrator)
    • a canvas bag
    • iron on transfer paper
    • printer
    • iron

So I was on Zulily and I saw these fun pet photo bags and I said to myself I’ve got to try that. How else am I going to know if my girls can do it later. I broke out my old but still very reliable Canon Rebel T3 and took some black and white shots of our dog Coco.


After I got the shot that I wanted, I opened the photo up in Photoshop so that I could clean up the background. I use the Magic Wand tool and then enlarge the image and use the Eraser to clean up what the wand didn’t catch.


He’s a cute huh? We call him Wilfred Brimley or Diabeetus because of his whiskers. What do you think?


I see it. OK back on post. After I cleaned up the image, I opened it in Illustrator. Here’s where I gave Coco some fun glasses. Of course, I had to use pink. Although he’s not, he should be a girl and lots of girls like pink. I googled pink glasses png images and found some pretty good ones. I really liked the cat eye but I decided to go with the more square frames. Here the images that I found.



Awwww! Too cute!

All you have to do is position the glasses on your four legged friend and you’re done. Save the image and then export it as a JPEG. Print your image, cut it out, and iron it on your bag making sure to follow the instructions.


*The key is to press down firmly and let it cool before pulling off the paper.

Zoila! You have a super cute Pet Photo Bag showing love for man’s best friend.


Happy crafting!

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