Sew for a Cause|AskeyPrint|Screenprinted DIY Doll Kits

Doll 1

Image via Etsy

These are beautiful. They would be great for a beginning sewer and a wonderful start to a one of a kind cloth doll collection.

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If I Could Style…

Chris Martin Style Board

Chris Martin from Coldplay. There was a time that I played around with the idea of being a stylist so when I was presented with the challenge of looking through the lens of a Hollywood stylist, I thought sure I’m up for that.

The MTV Music awards are coming up in a few weeks. Ironically, I was listening to the radio today and I heard Chris talking about his style. What’s crazy is that according to him, he doesn’t pick out his clothes, Will the drummer does. He said that Will decides what they’re going to be wearing on tour and Chris said he just keeps the clothes and they become his personal clothes. So I guess this outfit works for Chris and Will. From the important moisture-wicking Tommy John boxer briefs to Jean Michel Basquiat designed wear, this is how I would style Chris Martin from Coldplay.

I guess you guys are thinking “I’ve never seen underwear in a style post”, well years of working for the Navy in flight clothing as shown me the importance of a comfy moisture-wicking anti-microbial layer that’s close to the skin. In my world, it’s about endurance of the mission, but in Chris’s case I’m thinking it would be hours of performing on stage under hot lights.  Hope you like it.

Chris Martin Style Board 2

The Suga’|She was wishing…

Glasses C

that she didn’t need to wear prescription sunglasses because these are FABULOUS! Just a little “EYE” (wink wink) candy to start your weekend! The sun is not shining here in MD today but when it does these would be amazing!


These are limited edition one-of-a-kind sunglasses handmade in England from the original archived acetate used to make Marianne Faithfull’s  original pair CREATED for her in the early ’60s by Oliver Goldsmith. I LOVE fashion from the 50s -60s. Talk about innovation in fashion design. Check out these other FABU vintage specs!

Stay fabulous!


The Starry Night|8 Gift Ideas

Vincent van Gogh is one of my favorite artists and The Starry Night is one of my favorite pieces of art. Van Gogh painted this painting while spending time in an asylum. For Christmas, this year my husband gave me socks and a beautiful pendant in Starry Night. Check out these other gift ideas for Starry Night lovers after the jump.

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Inspiring Instagram| She was dreaming..

of warmer days, Vegas lights, soaking in the Creator’s work, thrilling rides and staring out at the Pacific Ocean.

vaca 3

vaca 4

vaca 5

vaca 6

vaca 7

vaca 8

vaca 9

vaca 10

vaca 11

vaca 12

Vaca 2

In a few months or so, the fam and I are heading to Cali for a long overdue vacation. This will be my son’s first trip to the West coast. In anticipation, I thought I would share some Cali vibes with you.

Nothing more beautiful than looking at the Master’s work. Greatest artist of all time. Be blessed!