The Daily Suga’| Keeping It Stylish While Charging

Chic Buds 2A

Chic Buds are fun and fashion chargers suited for us girls. These chargers come in clutchettes, purses, and portable power banks. Creative and cute!

Chic Buds 4
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Chic Buds 3
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Chic Buds 2
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Chic Buds 1
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Stay classy and tech chic!


The Daily Suga’|Lego Dimensions Wave 6

Do You Love Gaming as a Family? Then Lego Dimensions is your game.

So I’m sitting at work and my son calls and tells me that he saw a commercial on YouTube for new Lego Dimensions characters.

So I decided to look it up and OMG!!! They’re killing me. My pockets can’t handle it. The child of the 80s in me is SCREAMING and BEEMING!! Goonies, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Beetlejuice, Gremlins, and Ghostbusters! Not to mention new Harry Potter, The Powerpuff Girls Fantastic Beasts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mission Impossible (can’t stand Tom Cruise but I’ll buy this), Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go! My son and I LOVE that show.

This geek is freaking out!!

Woo hoo! Good thing we just built that Lego Dimensions Storage Roundabout. Check it out because if you’re like me, you’ll need to build one too. We just might need to build another!

Lego Dimensions Storage Roundabout

Oh Happy Day!

Today We Are Freaking Stoked!

Happy Gaming!

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The Daily Suga’|THIS DRESS!!!!

From every angle fabulous. I spend my days thinking about incorporating clothing and technology but I work for the government. This dress is FABULOUS and Zac Posen is the man!

The Suga’|Wild Ginger Fashion Design and Sewing Pattern

wild ginger

For most small companies obtaining patternmaking software from companies like Gerber or Lectra is out of the question.

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Design Love|Coding 101


The other day, my son told me that he wanted to be “Internet Famous”. 🙂 He gets this from the show We Bare Bear and from the Diamond Minecart videos he watches on YouTube. I introduced him to DIY.ORG and he was able to make a short video which he was uber excited to do.

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DIY.ORG| Kids Learning Community

Image via DIY.ORG

Ok, this is a COOL site. According to the website, DIY.ORG is a safe online community for kids to discover new skills, meet friends who are geeks just like them, and be awesome. Yes!

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