The Suga’|The “Pink” Weekly Roundup

The Weekly Roundup Pink

Around my house, it’s no secret that pink is my FAVORITE color. My husband joked that I would buy pink poo if they had it. Now I’m not that serious but check these out. Cute, right?

Anyhoo (rhymes with poo), this week’s roundup is all about my favorite color! Enjoy!

  1. Ever wonder about the history of the color pink, find out at NPR.
  2. Pale pink and yellow color trends in fashion for Fall 2016 via InStyle.
  3. A graphic history of pink via Colourlovers.
  4. Known for being a color for females, read about reclaiming the color pink via The Guardian.
  5. Pretty up your coffee table with Pink: The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art and Culture via Amazon.
  6. Art that proves pink is tough via
  7. The Smithsonian Institute discusses when girls started wearing pink.
  8. Ever wonder just what the color pink stands for, find out via
  9. Check out some encouraging articles over at Pink Magazine.
  10. Find a beautiful career and a beautiful life via Little Pink Book.

Stay classy!

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The Weekly Roundup|8 Totally Awesome Pop Culture Finds and Inspirations

The Weekly Roundup Pop Art

Nostalgia and pop culture evoke all kinds of memories. Headbands and legwarmers, Jazzercise and Jane Fonda. Saturday morning cartoons and after school specials. I (LOVE) the 80s! The weekly roundup up this week shows love for pop culture.

  1. Art prints from Adam Lister via always appeal to my inner geek.
  2. Challenge your art eye with this visual puzzle a la Where’s Waldo called Where’s Warhol.
  3. Pointillism 3.0 by Gary Andrew Clarke. Clean, minimal and classic.
  4. How about this company finding new use for the office staple?
  5. Technology will be forever a symbol in our pop culture but Kim Dong-kyu shows us yesteryear.
  6. As a mom, I’m always looking for ways to get my son to eat his food. This artist has the right idea.
  7. Ever wonder how millennials view famous artwork? Read about it over on Refinery 29.
  8. I’m gonna tell I don’t get it. My son loves it. But it’s pretty dope this cartoon was created by a woman. Sure to be a new pop classic.

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The Weekly Roundup Pop Art

The Weekly Roundup| 12 Interesting Finds for Bibliophiles (Lovers of Books)

I LOVE books! Always have even as a little girl. I would spend hours engrossed in the lives of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield from Sweet Valley High, the Sweet Pickles Gang, The Babysitters Club and anxiously reading Choose Your Own Adventure Books. In the 80s there were book clubs like Weekly Reader and Just for Girls and summers were magical and full of trips to the library.

As a mom, I’m trying to instill that love of books in my son but it’s a lot harder because so many other things have crowded them out of my life. While cruising the web, I came across an article on Elle Decor about @BookBento. Needless to say, I was intrigued and tantalized by that new word. Book Bento pairs books with other items that capture the essence of the book. I immediately had to check it out. OOOO did I love what I saw. Then Book Bento Instagram lead me to Read It Forward and I just knew I had to share it with my tribe. Of course, once I got the book vibe I had to see what else a bibliophile like myself might want to know.

  1. I found book titles in laymans terms via Elle Décor.
  2. Here’s a great book series by Joy Berry that helps to empower children by helping them become more responsible. I love the one about being bored and cleaning your room.
  3. In honor of National Drawing Day, I discovered these great books that help kids draw superheroes and villains with just 5 simple shapes.
  4. Currently I’m reading the book Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris but there are several other adventures for Mrs. ‘Arris that you’ve got to check out.
  5. Looking for something cute to tote around all those books well check out these Tin Man, Frankenstein, and Tiger totes via Baby Lit.

PS. I didn’t want to be left out of this new trend so I thought that I would give it a try. What do you think?

Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris Book Bento
As summer approaches, think about taking yourself or your little ones to the library and borrowing some books. Demonstrate for your kids a love for reading and set them on a enriching path.

Happy Reading!

The Suga’|The Weekly Roundup|Print and Pattern

The Weekly Roundup Surface Pattern Design

So I love PRINT and PATTERN! Those elements are most definitely the reasons why I buy 99% of the stuff I buy. I mean a black bag is just a nice bag but with a gorgeous print on it like Orla Kiely or something from Boden, that takes it to another level. Don’t you think? That’s why I’m spooning out some suga’ and giving you the latest I’ve discovered in the world of surface pattern design.

  1. And the animal kingdom goes wild for this new Liberty print by OK David.
  2. Organic shapes and colors in mid century modern inspired Scandinavian sensible design via Print and Pattern.
  3. Want to give surface pattern design a try for yourself, this course is the best I’ve found via Make It In Design.
  4. Learn to craft, make, illustrate, design, video and create music via CreativeLive.
  5. Use these tips to help you create your own surface pattern designs via Creativebloq.
  6. Check out Uppercase Magazine for the creative and curious.
  7. Khristian Howell is a surface pattern designer after my own heart. Love her designs.
  8. Love how these shoe companies are embracing surface pattern design via Pitter Pattern.
  9. Observe all the best in surface pattern design via Pattern Observer.
  10. Once you’ve done all the work put it to the test via

The Suga’|The Weekly Roundup|Art Education


The Weekly Roundup Art

So I’m thinking about art education and its importance in schools and I just wanted to share some of my !FAVORITE! online spaces for art inspiration.

  1. Find great courses, information and a great community over at The Art of Education.
  2. Fun and quirky art teacher Cassie Stephens has all kinds of ideas you’ll want to check out.
  3. Super fun springtime and Earth Day art projects over on Deep Space Sparkle.
  4. Listen to inspiring podcasts via The Unmistakable Creative.
  5. Looking for a magical space for all sorts of creative inspiration via Craftwack.
  6. Listen to a great weekly podcast about teaching art to kids via the podcast Art Made Easy.
  7. This cool art dad shares his love of art with his kids by committing to a 5-day a week art show in YouTube.
  8. This blog offer readers a peek into the busy art room of Hope Knight, art teacher at Dolvin Elementary School.
  9. Art teachers and parents that are homeschooling can find some great inspiration at Teachers Pay Teachers for a number of subjects including art.
  10. Share art with your children and instill a love for field by visiting museums as a family.

The Suga’|The #TeacherLove Weekly Roundup

The Weekly Roundup Art

Who doesn’t love freebies!? During #TeacherAppreciationWeek check out all the business showing #TeacherLove via IBTimes.

Like giveaways! Teaching Channel has a week of great teacher giveaways for all you hardworking educators.

These memes say what all teachers want to stay via More Than A Tech.

Tons of digital resources for teachers at the Smithsonian Learning Lab.

Don’t know how to show your kids teacher the love? Look no further than Edutopia for Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas for parent.

Watch stories of teacher appreciation via You Tube. Go ahead and try not to cry.

Teaching reading is an art and a science. Learn how via CNN.

Image: Sylvia Duckworth
Image: Sylvia Duckworth

Make sure you thank a teacher today!

Stay classy!