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Another fantastic book, Fashion Jewelry from There are so many GREAT fashion books on Assouline it makes my head swim.

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Forward from The Queen of Fashion Jewelry, the Rare Bird of Fashion Iris Apfel.

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The Suga’| The Giving Keys

Nothing is sweeter than the joy of giving.

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Image via Precious Metals

Quick story. This past Christmas, I was given a wooden cross for Christmas which I loved but I only had it a short time. My friend’s mother is currently being treated for cancer and God put it on my heart to give my cross to her. I fought with a little doubt because I really liked it but I was obedient and gave it to her and I absolutely made her beyond happy.

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Inspiration|Brooches|Accessories on Trend 2016

Cast Eyes Upon

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According to Teen Vogue, brooches are among Spring’s hottest accessories. I’ve always loved vintage brooches and when I go thrifting, I’m on the look out for them. I wear them on my clothes, scarves and even add them as a pop on a great clutch. Vintage earrings can also make beautiful brooches. Without much work, you can remove the back and glue on pin back findings at that you can get at JoAnn or Michaels, or online.

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Fashion for a Cause| Bracelets

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from has bracelets for a cause that are reminiscent of the friendship bracelets that we (40+) made as kids. We’d spend hours stringing our bracelets together. Remember we also made friendship pins that we would pin on our white baton shoes with beads very much like the Rafiki bracelets. Every thing old is new again, but these are much more sophisticated and they help women in Kenya make a living wage. I already have an Impact Set of 6 Rafiki bracelets in my shopping cart ready to order. I can’t wait to show them off (with my jean jacket of course ;).

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