I Wore Pink|How I Wore my Uggs Slip Ons

When I saw these UGGS on Zulily I KNEW that I had to have them but I almost didn’t put them in my basket. But oh I’m glad that I did. Love THEM!!

I Wore That-2232016

denim blazer|skinny jeans|walk in love tee|slip on UGGS|Clarks flats

Happy Monday!

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How I Wore My TOMS Platform Wedge Sandals

I Wore That-7182016

I wore my TOMS platform wedges with boyfriend jeans and a suede like top.

So I’m going to give this whole photographing my outfits a try. I’m not comfortable in front of a camera. When I smile, I have squinty eyes. But for several reasons, I decided to give it a go.

First, it’s a record of change. In 2014, I found out that I was dangerously close to being a diabetic and that I had a thyroid condition. If I didn’t want to spend my life on meds, I needed to lose weight fast. So I did. At my lowest weight I was 157 but last January I was up ten pounds and no matter what I couldn’t shake it. This year, I turned 41 and menopause came on way too early and full force and my metabolism seems slower than molasses. So, I’m working really hard to loose the 10 pounds and then 10 more by next spring. You know sometimes you just can’t see yourself when you look in the mirror. I can’t see the weight loss. So for me getting in front of the camera will help me track my progress.

And second, getting in front of the camera will help me remember certain outfits. By the time Friday rolls around, I’ve forgotten what I wore on Monday. And of course, I hope to inspire you all.

I Wore That-7182016

shirt (I got the blue )|boyfriend jeans(similar)|TOMS canvas wedges

Stay fancy!





I Wore That Weekly Roundup|The Fashion Formula #23

So I’m trying something new. I’m stepping in front of the camera this week. I’m still working on my set up and I’ve been reading a lot about taking flat lay photos, so as soon as I can get some great natural light (it’s been cloudy and raining for 17 straight days) I’ll give it a try. What a week! Like I said it’s been raining everyday since last week and getting dressed hasn’t been fun. I just want to stay in bed.

My birthday (May 7) and Mother’s Day were great and I really truly didn’t want to go to work or think about what to wear. Real talk? I wore this dress for a few hours on Sunday and I kinda liked it so I wore it again on Monday. I decided to throw it on with distressed ankle jeans and for the office I threw on a black blazer I picked up at Old Navy. I completed my outfit with a pair of black flats from Clarks.


5-9-16 a

I Wore That-5-9-16

dress (no longer available similar dress pictured)|jeans (Ana’s JCPenney)|black flats

On Tuesday, I just wanted to be uber comfortable. Not only was it cool and nasty outside, I’m always freezing in my office. After looking through my personal style guide, I pulled this Target + Proenza Schouler collaboration sweatshirt out of the closet and paired it with a black tank top, black denim skinny jeans and black flats.


I Wore That-5-10-16

sweatshirt (no longer available)|black tank top|black skinny jeans|black flats

I’m doing a weight loss challenge with my co-workers and Wednesday was my first weigh-in day. So needless to say I took off these shoes and the jacket but I was really feeling this outfit. I’m rocking my ROYGBIV top, one of my many pairs of distressed skinny boyfriend jeans ( I counted and I have 32 pairs of jeans). Yeah I know. Anyway I finished off my outfit with my completer piece and my accessory, my black jacket and my black desert wedges from Toms.


I Wore That-5-11-16

blazer|ROYGBIV tshirt|distressed boyfriend jeans|black desert wedges

Yep, that’s the black blazer again. I told you it’s cold in my office and it really completed the look. I’ve worn with these “leather” leggings only a handful of times because they make noise when I walk and I don’t need people to know that I’m coming before I get there. Well, I fixed that problem, won’t say how but they made much less noise. Black and white, sporty and sexy. The striped top is from Marshalls (LOVE that store) and the Adidas Superstars were my birthday present. Love retro kicks too!


I Wore That-5-12-16


After a week of dull colors and very little sunshine I decided to be my own sunshine.


I Wore That-5-13-16


Hope you like. Next week I’ll give the flat lay photos a try and I’m thinking about maybe using watercolor pencils too.

Have a great weekend!

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