My Home Studio|Office Makeover

Whew! Today I’m sharing the big reveal of my little home office makeover. This space has come a long way in what has been a long two week process.


I had to wait until my boys were away so I could get busy cleaning, tossing, purging, decorating and rearranging my home studio/office. The task has been a long time coming. I can’t even remember the last time I could see the floor. Some days I would just open the door after returning from the store after buying some sewing or art supplies and just toss the bag in the door.

What stinks about that is that I haven’t been able to really do any projects or DIYs or sew. I have all these plans and I’ve had no space to accomplish them. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! My room is clean and I’m ready to create. In a 12 x 10 space, I’m bursting at the seams (pun intended) but I like to call it my creative clutter. There’s a lot to see but I was tired of hiding the things that inspired me the most.

With my room clean, now I’m ready to create a solid plan for opening the doors of a sewing and fashion studio for kids and a program specifically for underserved kids. I’m ready to write a manual for all those looking to start a similar program. I’m ready to start a fashion design and sewing subscription box to complement the program. I’m ready to get my lesson plan ready for the Digital Fashion Design class I’m teaching in September and October.  I’m ready to take what I HOPE will be my final classes so that I can apply for certification in May.

Here’s what the room looked like a couple months ago.



Even though I still have WAY TOO much stuff in there  (I’m a creative hoarder, I guess) I finally have room to work. And now that it’s clean my husband and son can’t seem to stay out of my sacred space. 😦 Oh well. Here’s what she looks like today.

My cramped but personality full home office/studio



I really had fun making some changes. I had this awesome rug from Ikea just sitting in the closet for future use in my sewing studio but I decided to pull it out for my office. I figure that I wouldn’t want this rug in the studio anyway with it being such a nice white. Don’t those buttons look great.

I took advantage of a Michaels coupon and an 80% off sale to get the letters to spell out ART, SEW and WE ARE FASHION.  Michaels was also the source of the CREATE and BELIEVE décor on the window sill and the K on the wall.

If you haven’t stopped by yet, you must go to the fun section at the front of Target stores. You can always score some cheap cute finds like the peg boards, dry erase boards, chalk boards and magnetic boards I found in circles and in squares.

No makeover would be complete without some storage essentials from Ikea. LOVE IKEA! Can you live there?

I think that the most fun project I tackled in this makeover was my desk. My husband built that desk for me when we were just dating and he’s been trying to get me to get rid of it. But I really love it. It’s a nice width and height. So instead of replacing it, I just decided to give it a little facelift. I’d found this great paint color Party Dress Pink from Mystic Paints (going to use it on the walls in the studio) and I knew that I wanted to use it in my office too. So I painted my desk and to make sure that the paint job would stay pristine, I went over to Lowes and bought a sheet of acrylic and used stick dots to attach it to the top my desk. Then I attached the drawers from my Grandmothers antique sewing machine to the front and underside of the desk. For some they might seem out of place but they’re just perfect to me.

Eventually, when I get in a classroom and open the studio some of my prized possessions on display will find there way out of my office but until then I’ll enjoy seeing them every time I open the door to my office.

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The Daily Suga’|Pink Cheek Studios

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When I see something sweet, I just have to pass it along. Nichol does custom wall hangings as well as beloved storybook and movie characters. These mobiles, wall hangings and art prints from Pink Cheek Studios are simple amazing and unique and should adorn the walls and ceilings of every nursery and kids room.

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The Daily Suga’|10 Ways to Recycle Your Vintage Sewing Machine

“Sew” many ways to use that vintage sewing machine. My Grandmother has an old Singer trundle sewing machine that sat on the covered front porch in her home. I used to LOVE pretending that I was sewing and pushing the peddle. Little did I know then that I would develop a love for sewing years later. I inherited my Grandmother’s vintage Singer when she passed and can honestly say that I wasn’t as appreciative of it as I should of been. I painted it white when I was a teenager and then I neglected it when I went of to school. My brother thought that he could fix it but he’s not handy and it end up in my mom’s shed. Well, it got water damaged and parts got lost.


IMAG3119After design school, I had a new desire for that sewing machine and all the memories attached to it. So I pulled it out of my mom’s shed and put it in the attic, determined to restore it one day. Well that day never came. Instead I decided to selvage what I could. I kept the drawers to use for storage in my craft room and the trundle became a table with the help of my husband and an old piece of butcher block. I LOVE it. Around the same time I found a table with out a sewing machine, so I put the beautiful sewing machine from my Grandma and put that in the new table. They both sit in a place of prominence in my living room and I LOVE seeing them everyday.

Take a look at how these creatives gave new life to their vintage Singers.


How do you think you would recycle your old Singer?

Happy sewing!

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The Creative Call|Life Lesson #9 From Iris Apfel

Show your creativity in your home through a favorite color, personal accessories, art and other collections that tell a story.

For the longest time, I’ve fought with this ideal in my mind that my home should look like something out of the pages of a Pottery Barn book or a top interior design blog. But this recent blog post on The Coveteur: 10 Lessons to Live By From Iris Apfel helps me shake that notion. I’d like to say that Iris (the Mr. T of Statement Fashion Jewelry) can get away with anything because, well, she’s old and old people can do whatever they like. But I love her boldness and one of my life goals is to amass a collection of jewelry just like hers and have the BOLDNESS to show it off.

— Lesson 9 —

Let your personality shine through

I digress, so back to the point of this blog. The gist of Lesson 9 is that modern decorating all has started to have the same look, like they belong in a very expensive hotel. Gorgeous, but impersonal and they don’t tell you who lives there. I couldn’t agree more which is quite the dilemma for the Taurus in me that wants everything beautiful and just right, like a gorgeous hotel room.

Our home over the last few years has morphed from a home that I tried desperately to make it look a Pottery Barn spread to a home bursting with the personality of the people that live here. And I love it. Yea, maybe the change has developed because it’s hard to run after a kid that’s like a tornado picking up toys and depositing them in different places all over the house. I decided that I might as well embrace it and incorporate his toys in the decor. And when he started creating art I had to put it on display. In the last few years, I’ve been about really making our personalities shine in our home. When I read this post it just reinforced for me to stay committed to let our personalities shine through in our home. And that’s just what I intended to do. Take a look for yourself.

You’ve already seen my son’s room, our master bedroom and I’m working on updating the master bathroom. My husband and I love mid-century modern but we’re not married to it. We both love color. He thought that I was losing it when I said that I wanted to paint most of the house white but when he saw how the colors now popped, he got it. We just want to be comfortable in our home and with comfort sometimes comes a little messiness and a lot of imperfection. Our home is lived in and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you looking for ways to personalize your home? Here are a few tips!

  1. Paint your wall the colors you love. I know that I went with white but that was because I wanted a clean palette to showcase all the colors that we love. You do you!
  2. Collect an interesting yet personal mix of furniture. Like I said my husband and I love mid century modern design and we do have some vintage and modern pieces representing that style but we also have vintage sewing machines and a child’s rocking chair too.
  3. Incorporate your treasures like your child’s drawings, your childhood rocking chair and mom’s old hot comb heater. Display meaningful heirlooms and incorporate a few important pieces that document your families history and that remind you of the places you have been and the memories you have made.
  4. Add distinctive artwork. Paint your own pictures and hang up your own drawings. I hung a group of my son’s art on a single wall and I have it peppered throughout our home. One sure way to make your home your own is by displaying what you create.
  5. Integrate your hobbies and recreation into your decor. My husband loves the Reds, Ohio and the Cowboys and that’s part of what you’ll see in our home.
  6. Lastly, forget about what others may think. You’re home shouldn’t be a museum, it should be lived in. Our homes are a reflection of the life we live. They should be joyful and at times a bit messy but always filled with love. Maybe your home won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s their problem. It’s your house, and you live there. In Spanish “En my casa, y yo vivo aqui. – Eddie Murphy, Delirious. Point being, they don’t live there — you do. Let your life shine in your home.

How do you express yourself in the way that you decorate your home?

Happy decorating!

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The Daily Suga’|Pattern Crush|Marimekko

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I totally forgot to show my pattern love on Monday so in keeping with a theme and since I’m currently crushing on Marimekko feast your eyes on these.

Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko
Photo: Marimekko

I LOVE fabric! Don’t you? Who are some of your favorite fabric designers? Marimekko? Lily Pulitzer?

Pysy tyylikkäänä! (Stay classy)