Flea Market Finds| Vintage Stickers

Woo, it’s been a while since my last post. What’s been going on that would keep me from my tribe. Well, I was planning to leave my job in September but a series of events preventing that from happening. When God closes one door right?

Good news I’m more determined than ever to have my sewing and design studio up and running next summer. So I’ve been busy, I’m going to be busy but I’m back!

Because Hollywood is currently recycling the 70s and 80s( Pete’s Dragon, Splash, Ghost busters), this post is right on time.

The pride and joy of the 80s was your sticker collection. Puffy stickers, glow in the dark, color changing, gel and scratch and sniff. Stickers were everywhere.  When I was at the market in Long Beach, several vendors had tons of old school stickers.

There was nothing more exhilarating than going to the gift store in the park owned by my friend Jason’s mom and seeing rolls of stickers. I had several photo albums full of stickers that mysteriously disappeared when I moved out of my moms house.

As the nostalgia continues, today’s flea market find are vintage stickers. Over on Etsy, I found a few that I would have definitely had in my collection.


from GrannieLsCloset


from grandmothersattic

from LilyVintageLots


from vintagewhatnots


from thegrantgirl


from NostalgiaMama


from VintageStickerLove (some of the best I’ve seen on Etsy)


from vintage23


Collecting stickers would be something fun to share with your kids. Click on over to Etsy and find some real gems. You can collect vintage ones like these or collect stickers on your family travels. One day they’ll look back at their sticker albums and remember the fun they had collecting and when and where they got each sticker.

Make memories and stay young at heart!

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Flea Market Finds| Vintage Lunchboxes

Wednesday’s used to be reserved for inspiring Instagram photos but ever since I got bit by the flea market bug, I’ve been scouring Etsy, Ebay and other sites for awesome flea market finds. My last flea market find were stickers and this week it’s vintage lunch boxes.

This is how you can make lunch fun again! Do you remember back to school shopping? Finding that perfect lunchbox with your favorite Saturday Morning character. Benji, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kids, Star Wars, Gi Joe!

Yayyy! So much to chose from it made a kid’s head spin. Feast your eyes on these.

LB 13

from RevivalCLE

LB 12

from CircaVintageCo

LB 11

from LuLuandBubbies

LB 10

from CircaVintageCo

LB 9

from TreasureTimeCapsule

LB 8

from RevivalCLE

LB 7from southcentricLB 6

from MoonbearConnections

LB 5

from TreasureTimeCapsule

LB 4

from Lalecreations

LB 3

from plattermatter2

LB 2

from TreasureTimeCapsule

LB 1

from Lalecreations


Next week I’ll be showcasing some shops with awesome unused vintage stamps. Make sure ya’ll come back!

Stay young at heart!

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Flea Market Finds| Novelty Pins and Buttons


Ok, I have NOT been able to get the Long Beach Antique Market out of my mind. I’ve started fantasizing about opening my own antique store and monthly buying trips to Long Beach.

A few weeks back I spotted a pic of Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah at the Essence Music Festival wearing denim vests with a WHOLE lot of flare.

I was immediately taken back to the 80s and my old jean jacket full of buttons. Some store bought and some made. And I thought to myself “could I still pull that off?” I quickly answered back “NO” but I do admire the nostalgia.

Here’s what I found over on Etsy!

PB 1

from Dartmouth Hill

PB 2

from ClassicMidCentury

PB 3

from The Poetry of Nice

PB 4

from VintageSmurfsandCo

PB 5

from SacredLemonTreasures

PB 7



PB 8

from vintagejewelryalcove

PB 6

from WylieOwlVintage

How do you make a statement?

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The Daily Suga’|The Dopest Wallpaper Ever

Not much I can say about this wallpaper created for Pipeline Philadelphia by Flavor Paper except for DOPE. Having spent four years in Philly (some of the best years of my life) and the fact that my great grandparents meet there (wouldn’t be here without them), I have to show much love to the city. Flavor Paper’s toile wallpapers are fresh (old school slang for good) but this one has got to be my favorite. The Roots, Hall and Oates and The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. What! Love it!

Photo: Doreen Creede


Stay classy!

The Daily Suga’|Wear Your Art

The Daily Suga Header

Once upon a time, well when I was a teenager, I illustrated my own clothing. Usually my jeans. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, that was just the thing to do. You’d frequently see words, graffiti or cartoon characters drawn or spray painted onto jackets, shirts or jeans. I was immediately taken back when I saw this artist’s work.

Isa Beniston is an artist and illustrator that creates clothing that looks like you’re wearing the page from her sketchbook. The muslin crop tops are colorful and one of a kind. These tops are surface patter design to the next level with  a mashup of doodles, portraits, and energetic brush strokes. Each top is hand painted by Isa. You can grab one in her shop or you could exercise your creative muscles and see if you can create your own statement piece to set off your wardrobe.

Isa is also a teacher and an advocate for art education and she shares some of her experiences on her site. You must check it out!




She Tried It|Extreme Makeover Doll Edition Part 1


These dolls are just precious. I grew up with Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kids. It seems that in the pursuit of modernizing dolls they had to make them bustier, give them shorter skirts and huge eyes, garish makeup and lips that look like they just received Botox treatments. IMO too sexualized for my taste. Seems most things for kids these days are either pushing the boundaries or just don’t care about the boundaries. Kids really need to be kids. Here’s a mom that understands.

Sonia Singh followed her creative calling after finding discarded Bratz dolls at a thrift shop and she transformed them into a line of upcycled dolls. Sonia posted photos of her first completed dolls online — and immediately, her dolls became a viral sensation.

See for yourself and check out Sonia’s Etsy shop for her dolls and more of her products.


Check out Part 2 for my attempt to become part of the recycled doll movement.

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Stay classy!