The Style Guide|Creating Your Style Guide Part 3

The Style Guide Header 3

The purge is really a continuous process but let’s move on. Ok, so we’re about to finish this up. Then I went back to Pinterest (and a separate folder of individuals style images) and I printed everything image out. For Pinterest, you can use something like Snag It or Snipping Tool to grab the page and then cut each image out individually.


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The Style Guide|Purging and Rebuilding Part 2

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Ok so now that we’ve covered that,  let’s talk purging and rebuilding. After I looked at my style boards as mentioned in Part 1, I love retro sneakers, dark denim jeans, striped shirts, leather skirts and moto-style jackets. So I made a list of all the things that my boards revealed and once I had that I was ready to shop but first…I went into my closet and pulled out anything that didn’t fit my list. What I ended up with was a pile of clothes that I NEVER wore anyway because they weren’t my style.


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