The Daily Suga’| Keeping It Stylish While Charging

Chic Buds 2A

Chic Buds are fun and fashion chargers suited for us girls. These chargers come in clutchettes, purses, and portable power banks. Creative and cute!

Chic Buds 4
Photo credit: Chic Buds
Chic Buds 3
Photo credit: Chic Buds
Chic Buds 2
Photo credit: Chic Buds
Chic Buds 1
Photo credit: Chic Buds

Stay classy and tech chic!


The Daily Suga’|Métissage of Global Fashion

Currently I’m obsessed with the designs of Stella Jean.

While checking out Instagram, I came across a FABULOUS Barbie of the Italian-Haitian fashion designer Stella Jean. How is it that I didn’t know about her? I’m slipping ya’ll and as a former fashion design student that’s not good. Her clothes are apparently a favorite of stars like Beyoncé and Rihanna. Who knew? You already know that I LOVE African textiles.

Stella J 10
Photo credit: Stella Jean

Her multicultural view of fashion is a mélange of  West Africa fabrics which interact with fabrics from Italy, France and Britain all with sprinkling of street edge.  Her designs are FABULOUS but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

Stella J 12
Photo credit: Stella Jean

Stay classy!

The Daily Suga’|The Romper-My Favorite Summer Fashion Go To

Last year summer vacation, I lived in my rompers. They were perfect for the Florida heat and the styles ranged from super casual to dressy. With great anticipation, I can’t wait to pull them out this year for our Cali trip.

I’m feeling pretty excited for the warmer weather, the salty breeze of the Pacific and of course, the lighter, brighter side of  fashion.

Look at all these great versions of my summer go to!


  1. charles henry short sleeve floral|88.00
  2. hm embroidered organza jumpsuit|49.99
  3. gap long sleeve print romper|59.95
  4. zara stone necklace jumpsuit|69.90
  5. target le kate long sleeve romper|39.99

What’s your summer fashion go to? Love to hear!

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I Wore That Weekly Roundup|The Fashion Formula #23

So I’m trying something new. I’m stepping in front of the camera this week. I’m still working on my set up and I’ve been reading a lot about taking flat lay photos, so as soon as I can get some great natural light (it’s been cloudy and raining for 17 straight days) I’ll give it a try. What a week! Like I said it’s been raining everyday since last week and getting dressed hasn’t been fun. I just want to stay in bed.

My birthday (May 7) and Mother’s Day were great and I really truly didn’t want to go to work or think about what to wear. Real talk? I wore this dress for a few hours on Sunday and I kinda liked it so I wore it again on Monday. I decided to throw it on with distressed ankle jeans and for the office I threw on a black blazer I picked up at Old Navy. I completed my outfit with a pair of black flats from Clarks.


5-9-16 a

I Wore That-5-9-16

dress (no longer available similar dress pictured)|jeans (Ana’s JCPenney)|black flats

On Tuesday, I just wanted to be uber comfortable. Not only was it cool and nasty outside, I’m always freezing in my office. After looking through my personal style guide, I pulled this Target + Proenza Schouler collaboration sweatshirt out of the closet and paired it with a black tank top, black denim skinny jeans and black flats.


I Wore That-5-10-16

sweatshirt (no longer available)|black tank top|black skinny jeans|black flats

I’m doing a weight loss challenge with my co-workers and Wednesday was my first weigh-in day. So needless to say I took off these shoes and the jacket but I was really feeling this outfit. I’m rocking my ROYGBIV top, one of my many pairs of distressed skinny boyfriend jeans ( I counted and I have 32 pairs of jeans). Yeah I know. Anyway I finished off my outfit with my completer piece and my accessory, my black jacket and my black desert wedges from Toms.


I Wore That-5-11-16

blazer|ROYGBIV tshirt|distressed boyfriend jeans|black desert wedges

Yep, that’s the black blazer again. I told you it’s cold in my office and it really completed the look. I’ve worn with these “leather” leggings only a handful of times because they make noise when I walk and I don’t need people to know that I’m coming before I get there. Well, I fixed that problem, won’t say how but they made much less noise. Black and white, sporty and sexy. The striped top is from Marshalls (LOVE that store) and the Adidas Superstars were my birthday present. Love retro kicks too!


I Wore That-5-12-16


After a week of dull colors and very little sunshine I decided to be my own sunshine.


I Wore That-5-13-16


Hope you like. Next week I’ll give the flat lay photos a try and I’m thinking about maybe using watercolor pencils too.

Have a great weekend!

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Party Idea| Kentucky Derby Fascinator Making Party

“The Kentucky Derby is more than a horse race. It is a mood, an excitement and an atmosphere that create a culture around the track. The events and clothing tied to that culture can be traced back to 1875. Many of the seasonal festivities historically kicked off with black-tie charity balls and a Derby day hasn’t passed at the track without a celebration of festive hats.” From

This year the Kentucky Derby falls on the weekend of my birthday. What a better reason to have a little get together and some DIY fashion fun. Make virgin (or not) mint juleps and craft some Derby worthy fascinators using gorgeous feathers and beautiful silk flowers.



You can make your own easy DIY Kentucky Derby Fascinator with the following materials.
  • -bird cage veil
  • -flowers
  • -fascinators
  • -headbands
  • -brooches (optional)
 Read about more Derby fashion here.
*We made these during Summer Fashion Saturday at my church and all the girls had a great time.

The Daily Suga’|THIS DRESS!!!!

From every angle fabulous. I spend my days thinking about incorporating clothing and technology but I work for the government. This dress is FABULOUS and Zac Posen is the man!