Party Idea| Kentucky Derby Fascinator Making Party

“The Kentucky Derby is more than a horse race. It is a mood, an excitement and an atmosphere that create a culture around the track. The events and clothing tied to that culture can be traced back to 1875. Many of the seasonal festivities historically kicked off with black-tie charity balls and a Derby day hasn’t passed at the track without a celebration of festive hats.” From

This year the Kentucky Derby falls on the weekend of my birthday. What a better reason to have a little get together and some DIY fashion fun. Make virgin (or not) mint juleps and craft some Derby worthy fascinators using gorgeous feathers and beautiful silk flowers.



You can make your own easy DIY Kentucky Derby Fascinator with the following materials.
  • -bird cage veil
  • -flowers
  • -fascinators
  • -headbands
  • -brooches (optional)
 Read about more Derby fashion here.
*We made these during Summer Fashion Saturday at my church and all the girls had a great time.

The Daily Suga’|Marimekko Target Collection

The Daily Suga Header

Now that I’ve seen this collection up close and personal, I can finally drop a little post and give you guys a bit a suga’ for your day. I can honestly say that I wasn’t like over the top for this collection which is surprising because I LOVE Marimekko, but I did pick out a few favorites to place in my cart. Take a look at my top 10 picks.

Peep this slideshow of some behind the scenes pics at Marimekko. You can see one of the prints they used with Target in one of the photos.

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If you love Marimekko like I do what until you see the DIY I’ll be posting in a few weeks. And because couldn’t resist a peek, check out these sweet treats over at

Behind the Scenes|Marriott International


Last month, I had the great pleasure of visiting Marriott International Headquarters in Bethesda, MD. A coworker introduced me to her neighbor, Linda Milburn, a buyer for Marriott International and she graciously gave us a tour of the design department.

Let me just tell you that I felt so alive in that environment. If only there weren’t so many miles and so much traffic in between me and Marriott International, I’d be applying today.


Linda, studied home economics (family and consumer sciences now for you youngsters) and she worked various jobs before coming to Marriott International. She has worked for Marriott for 34 years. What I learned from her that day was that hotel furniture does not come off the shelf. The pieces you in see hotel rooms are all custom made. As a buyer of wood products like any wood table, chair, cabinet, headboard, dresser, nightstand, or TV mount, she translates the designers ideas along with the manufacturers. As a designer, I know that we can come up with some pretty crazy ideas and for Marriott, Linda and her fellow buyers are the ones that help make those ideas a reality.

Linda works with all the hotels brands which include the new Moxy Boutique Hotels. That day we got to take a look at a mock up of the new brand, Moxy. We also got to tour the “Underground” where Marriott has actual rooms set up in the style of each hotel brand like Residence Inn and AC Hotels. We got a look at some prototype rooms (the yellow one) that were just FABULOUS! My favorite part had to be the Willy Wonka quote on the wall, the design workroom, the sheep and a long wall display of inspirational quotes. There were even inspirational quotes on the elevator doors. There was just so much to see and fabulous furniture and accessories and design. Even the cafeteria was gorgeous and beautifully designed. This trip was amazing and I could just feel my creative energy about to burst. I LOVE a great hotel room but I never put much thought into the design until now. I’ll never look at hotels the same way.

Thanks to Linda and Wendy for giving me this opportunity.


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Stay classy and stay Marriott!

Inspiration on The ‘Gram| She was dreaming..

of warmer days, Vegas lights, soaking in the Creator’s work, thrilling rides and staring out at the Pacific Ocean.

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Vaca 2

In a few months or so, the fam and I are heading to Cali for a long overdue vacation. This will be my son’s first trip to the West coast. In anticipation, I thought I would share some Cali vibes with you.

Nothing more beautiful than looking at the Master’s work. Greatest artist of all time. Be blessed!