Easy Custom Design for Subscription Boxes|The Box


It’s FRIDAYYYY! And boy do I have a lot of stuff to do. So you guys know that I’m working on setting up my subscription box service. Kind of putting the cart before the horse but related. The We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Studio-in-a-Box is made up of the kind of goodies and fun projects and lessons that you’ll see in the studio. All of it delivered right to your doorstep. Practicing my communication skills (my undergrad degree) and working on video tutorials to go with the projects in the boxes.

I’ve found some really cool fashion and sewing related products. I’m a great curator if I do say so myself. Right now I’m working on my box design and getting my goodies together for a prototype box. I mean I can tell you through my launch page how GREAT this box will be but until you see a sample for yourself you just don’t know.

Packlane, which I found through the site Subscription School, allows you to custom design your subscription. It’s really easy. A matter of just uploading your artwork to the 3D model box. I can’t wait to get my sample boxes. If you haven’t worked out your images yet, you can word sample boxes for 6.00 postage.

What do you think?! I get goose bumps looking at them. I can’t wait to have the samples in hand.

The Box!!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be gathering more goodies and revealing a prototype of the Studio-in-a-Box. If your interest is peaked, don’t forget to sign up through the Launchrock page. Happy Friday!

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The Daily Suga’|Pink Cheek Studios

The Daily Suga Header

When I see something sweet, I just have to pass it along. Nichol does custom wall hangings as well as beloved storybook and movie characters. These mobiles, wall hangings and art prints from Pink Cheek Studios are simple amazing and unique and should adorn the walls and ceilings of every nursery and kids room.

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The Creative Call|Before I Was a Blogger..

Pink Koala Design logo
Logo created by Moxie Pear

I had a company making modern colorful accessories for babies and moms.  Pink Koala Design was my vision for something that lacked in the market at a time that I was trying to have a baby and failing miserably. In spite of the difficulties of infertility, I made (bragging on myself) beautifully curated baby bibs, burp clothes, changing stations (DiaperKeeper(C)), pinafores, and that morphed into stockings, aprons and eventually adding on tote bags, cosmetic bags, and clutches.

Towards the end of fashion design school at Drexel University, I found a love for accessories. The store owner of the boutique that I worked in allowed me the opportunity to sell bags in the store. And I made all the accessories, hats, bags, and jewelry for my grad fashion project. I LOVE accessories because they are the icing aka “the suga’ “on an outfit whether it’s a simple diamond necklace or a statement necklace Iris Apfel would envy.

Pink Koala Design was on Etsy and I also had my own website. I sold to customers all over the world. Locally, I sold my product in several stores and at craft markets. I gifted product to some pretty popular celebs and even went out to Hollywood for an invite only gifting suite for the Golden Globes.

Photo: Katrina Griffis

And then something happened to change all that. What I first saw as burnout, discontent soon gave way to some health issues and ultimately realizing that God was moving me in a new direction in life still connected to design and fashion but different. My focus shifted to surface pattern design and I had the vision of a building a mom community blog that didn’t take off. Ultimately I really only wanted to talk about design, so I started another blog for just me. Eventually I took a step back and decided to combine the best aspects of each blog into We Are F.AS.H.I.O.N. which was the name that I had come up with for my mentoring program.

Blog Logo without ears
Logo created by: We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N.

Oh I forgot to mention that? Well the direction that God was leading me in was teaching and mentoring kids. The idea first came to me in design school and 11 years later I started making moves to make that program happen. You can read about that here.

While I haven’t made bags in about four years and it’s no longer my main passion or direction, Pink Koala Design was big part of my CREATIVE story, my creative calling.  I still LOVE them and I have totes of unfinished bags that I plan to resurrect in the summer. People ask me all the time if I’m going to make bags again because they LOVE them. They were well constructed and I used some of the best fabrics I could find, many that are out of print now.  I thought it would be cool to share a few of my favorites and a sneak peek into some that I’ll be working on this summer.  When I pull out the unfinished bags and see the fabrics, I get a rush of excitement and I can’t wait to see them on the arm of some FABULOUS electric lady.

Have a look at some of my favorite designs.







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Pattern of the Day|#Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and Small Business Week, I’m showing loving to some indie fabric designers and small business owners. Check out these great teacher inspired fabrics! Buy some and make something great for the inspirational teacher in your life!

So Many Books... (Mint and Coral)

A Passion for Pencils


at the school science fair

No. 2 Pencil

Supplies Party

Alphabet consonant blends fabric


What are you going to make?


The Suga’|Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant

I wish that when I was in design school that I had this kind of opportunity. I’m posting the link and the information here.

from spoonflower.com

Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant

  • Allows students to create custom fabric and wall media for use in fashion shows or exhibitions.
  • Awards recipients $150 in Spoonflower credit. Supports emerging student designers.
  • Boosts usage of digitally printed fabrics and wall media.
  • Increases awareness of the capabilities of digital printing.

The Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant was created to support undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of textile and design degrees worldwide. Recipients selected on a monthly rolling basis will receive an award of $150 in Spoonflower credit to design their own digitally printed fabrics and wall media for use in shows and exhibitions.


Any student currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate textile or fashion design program is eligible to apply. Proof of enrollment is required.

Please provide one of the following:

  1. A transcript or class list for the current term (must include the date/term)
  2. A copy or picture of your student ID (must include an expiration date or term)
  3. A tuition bill for the current term (must include the date/term)
  4. An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must include the matriculation date)

How to Apply To enter, simply complete this online application. We will contact you by email whether or not you are chosen as a grant recipient to let you know the status of your application.

The Suga’|Wild Ginger Fashion Design and Sewing Pattern

wild ginger

For most small companies obtaining patternmaking software from companies like Gerber or Lectra is out of the question.

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