I Confess…Spirit Stick

I confess that during my first week as a teacher back in October, one of the AP’s came to me and asked me if I could make a new spirit stick for the school. Let me say at the time, I was new, I was fighting a cold and I had never made a spirit stick before in my life. In my head, I was thinking is this a test.

At the same time I was trying to make a paper mache example for class but I pulled myself together and with my husband’s help I was able to create a paper mache school mascot (the Harrier), paint and decorate a spirit stick. Using cardboard, newspaper and an enlarged image of our mascot, I created the main part of the spirit stick. I used Mod Podge on the newspaper which I find easier than having to mix water and glue. Luck would have it that my husband had ordered a bolt of fabric so I was able to snag the cardboard roll inside it. I put the roll inside the paper mache Harrier, secured and broke out the blue spray paint.

Of course, the really tedious work was painting the actual face on the mascot. After everything dried, I attached the letters and used some fabric strips that I had and I also attached little bells to some of the fabric strips.  The result was fantastic and now everyday when I walk by the office I see my first contribution as a new teacher!


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