I Confess…I Got a New Job

I confess that I started another blog but I never got to the point of customizing it. Ever since I got my teaching position I haven’t posted to this blog. So I’m not sure why I thought I could maintain two blogs. Anyway I decided to keep my focus right here at We Are Fashion because here We Are..Artists too.

In October, after a year and a half of classes, I unexpectedly got offered an art teaching position at the exact school that I had been hoping and praying for. No doubt in my mind that God orchestrated it all. My first day on the job I felt like I was home. Like I belonged there all the time.

This past year the school was renovated and I even got the brand new art room. Tons of natural light and space. Check it out.

I can’t even explain how amazing it feels to be living in my passion everyday. I confess even on days when the kids are less than stellar, I still love it. I’m creating and I’m influencing the lives of kids that really need it. The first day I took off and had a sub in my room I felt so bad. I missed my kids. My kids all of them. I’ve had so much to learn. Reports cards, SLO, interim grades, observations. The first week I made a new spirit stick for the school and participated in my first middle school dance as a staff member. Many years ago, I danced in that very same place when I attended the very school I teach at now. I even work with some of the teachers that taught me. It’s so cool. Everyday is the same, yet everyday is different. As the kids become more comfortable with me, they’ve now started showing up during homeroom and recess to work on their projects. And I stay late everyday because I want to. I could not say that 2 months ago. I can’t wait to share my lessons, tips and experiences and confessions here and on Twitter and Instagram.


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