Update: The Box, the Interview, and Some Other Stuff

Ok, I’ve seriously been neglecting my blog. I started a series #30Days30#Notions and by Day 10, I’d already started to slip. I’ve really been working on the launch of the We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Studio-in-a-Box, my side hustle (I’m going to need one once I become a teacher). Contacting bloggers (which is going horribly), posting to Instagram (which is going well, a famous fashion designer with the initials CR liked my idea). After checking out samples and doing some market research, I’ve been contacting vendors and getting my Cratejoy store set up. I got my custom box samples which I’ll use for photo shoots and displays and put in a larger order for the boxes that will actually go out to subscribers. So I’ve been busy.

On top of that I have three classes that I need to finish before December (I want to launch in January) and an assignment due this week that I can’t wrap my mind around. You know I work full-time and I’m a wife and mom. To top that I got a call for a job interview. Like I had basically put the whole art teacher gig on the shelf until after I’d become certified and last week within a few days I got a call for an interview. So now I’m trying to keep myself calm and prepare for an interview that snuck up on me. Excited and nervous.

So here’s a few days worth of #30Days30Notions.

Grid Ruler
Image Credit:Katrina Griffis
Image Credit: Katrina Griffis





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