She Tried It|The Coco Bag

Dog Glasses

DIY Pet Photo Bag

  • Materials:
    • camera with filters (black and white)
    • photo editing software ( I used Photoshop and Illustrator)
    • a canvas bag
    • iron on transfer paper
    • printer
    • iron

So I was on Zulily and I saw these fun pet photo bags and I said to myself I’ve got to try that. How else am I going to know if my girls can do it later. I broke out my old but still very reliable Canon Rebel T3 and took some black and white shots of our dog Coco.


After I got the shot that I wanted, I opened the photo up in Photoshop so that I could clean up the background. I use the Magic Wand tool and then enlarge the image and use the Eraser to clean up what the wand didn’t catch.


He’s a cute huh? We call him Wilfred Brimley or Diabeetus because of his whiskers. What do you think?


I see it. OK back on post. After I cleaned up the image, I opened it in Illustrator. Here’s where I gave Coco some fun glasses. Of course, I had to use pink. Although he’s not, he should be a girl and lots of girls like pink. I googled pink glasses png images and found some pretty good ones. I really liked the cat eye but I decided to go with the more square frames. Here the images that I found.



Awwww! Too cute!

All you have to do is position the glasses on your four legged friend and you’re done. Save the image and then export it as a JPEG. Print your image, cut it out, and iron it on your bag making sure to follow the instructions.


*The key is to press down firmly and let it cool before pulling off the paper.

Zoila! You have a super cute Pet Photo Bag showing love for man’s best friend.


Happy crafting!

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