Flea Market Finds| Vintage Stickers

Woo, it’s been a while since my last post. What’s been going on that would keep me from my tribe. Well, I was planning to leave my job in September but a series of events preventing that from happening. When God closes one door right?

Good news I’m more determined than ever to have my sewing and design studio up and running next summer. So I’ve been busy, I’m going to be busy but I’m back!

Because Hollywood is currently recycling the 70s and 80s( Pete’s Dragon, Splash, Ghost busters), this post is right on time.

The pride and joy of the 80s was your sticker collection. Puffy stickers, glow in the dark, color changing, gel and scratch and sniff. Stickers were everywhere.  When I was at the market in Long Beach, several vendors had tons of old school stickers.

There was nothing more exhilarating than going to the gift store in the park owned by my friend Jason’s mom and seeing rolls of stickers. I had several photo albums full of stickers that mysteriously disappeared when I moved out of my moms house.

As the nostalgia continues, today’s flea market find are vintage stickers. Over on Etsy, I found a few that I would have definitely had in my collection.


from GrannieLsCloset


from grandmothersattic

from LilyVintageLots


from vintagewhatnots


from thegrantgirl


from NostalgiaMama


from VintageStickerLove (some of the best I’ve seen on Etsy)


from vintage23


Collecting stickers would be something fun to share with your kids. Click on over to Etsy and find some real gems. You can collect vintage ones like these or collect stickers on your family travels. One day they’ll look back at their sticker albums and remember the fun they had collecting and when and where they got each sticker.

Make memories and stay young at heart!

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