Flea Market Finds| Novelty Pins and Buttons


Ok, I have NOT been able to get the Long Beach Antique Market out of my mind. I’ve started fantasizing about opening my own antique store and monthly buying trips to Long Beach.

A few weeks back I spotted a pic of Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah at the Essence Music Festival wearing denim vests with a WHOLE lot of flare.

I was immediately taken back to the 80s and my old jean jacket full of buttons. Some store bought and some made. And I thought to myself “could I still pull that off?” I quickly answered back “NO” but I do admire the nostalgia.

Here’s what I found over on Etsy!

PB 1

from Dartmouth Hill

PB 2

from ClassicMidCentury

PB 3

from The Poetry of Nice

PB 4

from VintageSmurfsandCo

PB 5

from SacredLemonTreasures

PB 7



PB 8

from vintagejewelryalcove

PB 6

from WylieOwlVintage

How do you make a statement?

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