The Creative Call|Upcycled Mini Kitchen Hack

So often the creative call in my life involves projects I’ve done with or for my son. When he was about 3, he was particularly interested in play kitchens but I had no interest in buying him a kitchen that I didn’t think he’d use for long. So I decided to do a hack/makeover of an old nightstand from IKEA that I wasn’t using and I could see that it would make a perfect stove and oven.



First, I had to nail the drawer shut. He wouldn’t need that anyway. Then all the wood (not the back) was primed with white primer(I let the primer set overnight), I got a metallic spray paint and sprayed the whole nightstand and the piece of wood that I was using as the door. I did have to break out the power saw for the door, the back and the microwave oven (I’ll talk about that later). As long as you know the measurements you can have someone at the hardware store cut the wood for you.

The door was cut to fit inside the nightstand opening. I cut a 6 x 7 rectangle in the middle for the oven window and used a piece of plexiglass (from Lowes) and screwed it on the inside of the door over the rectangle.

BAM! Oven window.

Then I used another piece of wood larger than the opening and nailed it closed in the back.


MK 20

To attach the oven door, I used hinges at the bottom and strong magnets on the corners of the door and the edges of the opening. I found that the door slammed to the ground, so I added ribbons and stapled them on the inside of the door to keep it from slamming to the floor when he opened it up and then added a handle. Once I did that it really started looking like an oven.


Our oven is blue on the inside so I painted his oven blue inside as well. I didn’t do it but while it’s still wet you could sprinkle in some glitter to give it more of a real oven affect. The finishing touch inside was a cookie cooling rack that sat on two pieces of 1″ thick wood screwed on either sides of the oven.

While I was at Lowe’s, I picked up a set of 5 oven knobs. I drilled five holes in the drawer front and inserted dowel rods. Then I put the knobs on the dowel rods. *Don’t glue them in because you want your child to be able to turn them.

You can use CDs painted black or anything round or you could paint the circles directly on the nightstand but I used black furniture movers to make the burners. Sorry about the front two burners but my son put stickers on the burners.

MK 4

After I finished the oven, it looked a little lonely and I wanted to add a microwave. I found the perfect one at IKEA but it was too wide for the nightstand, so my husband cut down the wood and re-screwed it together. Perfect fit.  I used wood glue to attach it to the nightstand, let dry over night and we had an oven/microwave kitchen set.

Up-cycle hack complete!

Below is a breakdown of materials.

Items Needed:

IKEA DUKTIG top section for mini kitchen
IKEA LANSA Handle 9 5/8″
3 Cans White Primer
2 Cabinet Hinges
3 Cans of Krylon’s Stainless Steel Spray Paint (The stainless steel paint gave it a modern kitchen look)
5 Oven Control Knobs



Cooling Rack

MK 21

Instead of buying plastic pans and pots, I actually found mini pots and pans from Marshalls and bought food from Amazon. For a good while he LOVED it but as I suspected he grew disinterested. I couldn’t bear to part with this awesome creation so I’ve stowed it up in the attic for now. We’d like to adopt and maybe soon it will find a new life and be a new love for another child.

Who knows?

Stay classy!

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