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Like most blog newbies, I read other blogs about blogging to learn how to make my blogging better. All of the information that’s out there can be so overwhelming. Ads or no ads? Up top placement vs at the bottom placement? It’s a lot. Very quickly I realized that I had no intention of following what most of these blogs repeated over and over again. Now I’m sure that means it will take a while for my blog to grow but I’m not worried about that. It’s taking a while for my cherry tomato plants to grow too but they’re growing  and when they reach full growth, I will have a bunch a sweet mouth popping cherry tomatoes to eat. And eventually my blog will reach full growth and I’ll have a sweet blog.

Just the other night an email from SITS Girls popped into my inbox and the title of the post was “8 Strategies to Define Your Niche” and it got me thinking about my blog content. The last point the blogger makes is that you shouldn’t wait for the perfect niche-just start.

Of all the posts that I’ve read, I find this advice to be most useful. I’m not sure if I have a niche. This blog is like the combination of three different blogs yet it’s the perfect representation of me. I feel in love with fashion design when I was teenager but I’ve since come to know that it’s not just the clothing that draws me. I love the design, the prints and patterns, the creativity and the need to bring an idea to life with your hands. So I like to call my blog “a creative lifestyle blog” because it’s about my creativity, the creativity of others and the ultimate Creator.

The key for me to finding my niche is not to find my niche and just let it happen organically.  My goal is to just stay true to me. I’m going to write about what I love and share it with the world. There’s no real flow.

For awhile I had a formula. Having a designated day for a certain type of post. I followed that for a few months but when I was on vacation, I decided to just give the Daily Suga’, you know small things that I wanted to share. I found that I liked that once a day or not or more. Blogging as I feel. Not that I don’t find all the blogging sites helpful, but I’ve just decided to blaze a new trail. Post after prayer and genuine passion. Bloggers can experience burnout and I don’t want that to be me. So sometimes I’ll talk about fashion and sometimes I’ll talk about interiors and sometimes I’ll talk about crafts. At the heart of it all will always be a celebration of creativity and my love for God. Coming to my blog is like opening a new surprise present everyday or as Forrest Gump said like “a box of chocolates”. You know the rest.

Following my own advice this is what I’ll do..see below.:)

Show Up

Stay classy and throw away the guidebook!

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