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Once upon a time, well when I was a teenager, I illustrated my own clothing. Usually my jeans. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, that was just the thing to do. You’d frequently see words, graffiti or cartoon characters drawn or spray painted onto jackets, shirts or jeans. I was immediately taken back when I saw this artist’s work.

Isa Beniston is an artist and illustrator that creates clothing that looks like you’re wearing the page from her sketchbook. The muslin crop tops are colorful and one of a kind. These tops are surface patter design to the next level with  a mashup of doodles, portraits, and energetic brush strokes. Each top is hand painted by Isa. You can grab one in her shop or you could exercise your creative muscles and see if you can create your own statement piece to set off your wardrobe.

Isa is also a teacher and an advocate for art education and she shares some of her experiences on her site. You must check it out!




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