She Tried It|Extreme Makeover Doll Edition Part 2

Of course, I wanted to try to make my own upcycled doll so I made a trip to the local thrift shop and found an unloved doll to transform. Sonia provides instructions on her website for those of us that want to become part of the movement. And she has several videos on YouTube to help you with your transformation.

I found a doll at the local thrift store for about .05.

TC 4

Even though I planned to paint over her, I tried to rub off the eyes like Sonia does. That was a fail.

Scary huh?
Scary huh?

I wanted a brown doll so I got matte spray paint from the craft store to use on the doll. I used a variety of acrylic paints that I have for the face.


After I spray painted her and let her dry, I decided to color her hair. I found a great video on YouTube that showed me how to change the color of her hair. Unfortunately that was a fail. As soon as I started to rinse it out like she said the color began to come out. You can see it was black but came out a kinda brown with golden highlights. I got off as much of the paint residue as I could and then I blow dried it. After that I styled her hair.

I thought about adding more curls but instead I decided to go with pigtail braids. Good thing I didn’t try because dipping her hair in water would have taken off all the color.

After that I was redressed her and got busy working on her face. This part was the most difficult and the reason why I won’t be trying this for a living. You really need a steady hand for this job. Not that I was going to do that anyway. I looked at Sonia’s video and one of her brown dolls to get the colors. Her eyes are not symmetrical but then again neither are mine. Hey I tried. Most of Sonia’s dolls have no eyelashes that I can see but I wanted her to have some, so I used a paint pin and gave her just a few.

Face Painting

Almost Done

IMAG3458How did I do?

TC Before and After


Sexy to sweet.

This project was fun and challenging but I’m going to tip my hat to Sonia Singh of Tree Change Dolls.

TC 24

Stay classy!




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