She Tried It|Extreme Makeover Doll Edition Part 1


These dolls are just precious. I grew up with Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kids. It seems that in the pursuit of modernizing dolls they had to make them bustier, give them shorter skirts and huge eyes, garish makeup and lips that look like they just received Botox treatments. IMO too sexualized for my taste. Seems most things for kids these days are either pushing the boundaries or just don’t care about the boundaries. Kids really need to be kids. Here’s a mom that understands.

Sonia Singh followed her creative calling after finding discarded Bratz dolls at a thrift shop and she transformed them into a line of upcycled dolls. Sonia posted photos of her first completed dolls online — and immediately, her dolls became a viral sensation.

See for yourself and check out Sonia’s Etsy shop for her dolls and more of her products.


Check out Part 2 for my attempt to become part of the recycled doll movement.

TC 4

Stay classy!





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