Out of the Bag Ideas: Gift Tote

Pink Koala tote bags and accessories have so many uses. With such a wide variety of products, you can find so much to do with them. I’ve come up with 12 uses for my bags (or any tote bag).

1) Fill a Market Tote with groceries and donate it to a local food bank organization.
2) Fill an Office Tote with office supplies and donate it to an organization like Dress for Success to help give a woman starting a new career a fresh start.

3) Fill a Joe E. Tote with crayons, markers, coloring and activity books to take along for a road trip.
4) Fill a small or medium Catch All Case with feminine hygiene essentials for a pre-teen or teen just starting on her road to womanhood.
5) Fill a Joe E. Satchel with fun school supplies and give it to a child in need to celebrate a new school year.
6) Fill a Downtown Tote with your gym essentials and go get your workout on.
7) Fill a Grande Mom Tote with hospital essentials and give it to a mom to be or donate to an organization that helps new moms at a neonatal unit.
8) Fill a Charlotte Tote with beach towels, blankets and toys and surprise the kids with a trip to the beach.
9) Fill a large Catch All Case with a change of clothes, underwear and wipes and stash it in your car as a potty emergency kit.
10) Fill any of my tote bags with mom to be goodies and create a great shower gift tote like a ” play/read” kit with toys and books or a “splish splash” kit with baby bath essentials.
11) Fill a bento tote with a great healthy lunch and pop it in your Office Tote on your way to work.
12) Fill a large Catch All Case with bride to be essentials like Hollywood Fashion Secrets and other “fun” items and give as a bridal shower or engagement gift.

These are all great ideas that will work with any tote and I’ll be doing them all and even giving some away. So subscribe to the blog for updates.

What kind of gift tote would you create?

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