“We Are” 101|Free to Be…You and Me

“I didn’t learn until I was in college about all the other cultures, and I should have learned that in the first grade. A first grader should understand that his or her culture isn’t a rational invention; that there are thousands of other cultures and they all work pretty well; that all cultures function on faith rather than truth; that there are lots of alternatives to our own society. Cultural relativity is defensible and attractive. It’s also a source of hope. It means we don’t have to continue this way if we don’t like it. – Kurt Vonnegut”

Hey all, this one is sweet and nostalgic.

While I flying back from vacation, I came across this amazing collection of song and poems called Free to Be..You and Me. The book entitled Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops is a nostalgic work about all the great things about the 70s and 80s. Well, one of those great things as Marlo Thomas’ Free to Be ….You and Me.

I immediately had to look for the album and when I found it I was really intrigued. According to Thomas, she and other celebrities at the time recorded a children’s album, as a project for Ms. Foundation for Women, created to fight the gender and racial stereotypes prevalent during that time and to try and get kids to see- whether they were a girl or a boy- that their dreams were limitless and achievable. That’s the message I send out through my mentoring and teaching with We Are F..A.S.H.I.O.N. We are free to be…awesome, fabulous, outstanding…you get the point.


These songs have a real 70s vibe but the messages are timeless and always poignant. Songs poems like Atalanta, a nod to feminism and choice and Housework, about sharing the responsibility between men and women of keeping a home are universal in Western culture.My personal favorites are My Dog is a Plumber and Parents are People. Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I should lose my personality and I can be a stay to home mom or a plumber.

You can find the album just by typing it in to a search engine and you can hear the great messages this group of performers provided during very challenging times, much like our own times. Free to Be…You and Me was followed up with a companion book and a TV special. The album celebrated it’s 40th anniversary in 2013. These songs and poems and the lessons they share are still relevant today and should be shared with the new generation. You can find the album on Amazon and on iTunes. I had to share a few of my favorites. What do you think?

You’ve got to check out this album and the book and the TV special. Free To Be…You and Me can also be adapted as a musical. Wouldn’t this be great as part of your local fine arts program.

This album was needed for the times following the 60s and it’s still relevant today. Through song, poetry, spoken word values such as individuality, tolerance, and comfort with one’s identity were celebrated. And they should still be today. We’re not called to agree with or even understand everything people do. Trying to dictate how others should be and how they should act leads to hate and prejudice. On my vacation to Vegas, I saw some things that were definitely not right for me. For me not for anyone else. It’s not my place to judge, it’s my calling to love.

Only God should judge.

Are we truly free to be you and me?

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