The Daily Suga’|Sea World San Diego Running Man Challenge Compilation

Today I was going to write my usual We Are 101 post but today is the last day of our vacation and quite honestly I’m beat and I can’t wrap my mind around a post as serious as We Are “Activists”.

So in honor of our last day, I put together a fun little video courtesy of the flamingos, sea lions and performers at Sea World San Diego and the San Diego Zoo. When I was growing up the Running Man was very different but with each new generation comes new dances and new dance moves. As parents it’s to our benefit to get to know what our kids are doing, what they are listening to, what they are watching, what they’re wearing and just getting to know them in general. So I’m going to keep doing my Running Man but I’m going to learn this new one too.

In the spirit of fun and family, we put together this video we were all inspired to share after seeing the wonderful animals at the San Diego Zoo and at Sea World San Diego.

Sadly, these places are going to be the only way we can see some of the wonderful creatures that our Creator has given us. When you walk through these places it truly is mind blowing the shear amount of different and unique species we share this world with and we must do our part to ensure that future generations can see these animals not just in captivity but in their natural environments.

Get involved!


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