The Daily Suga’|Geometric Fun Play

So I was cruising around Instagram and I came across the Instagram for Kristy Lea (@quietplay). She creates some amazing quilts. So half a moment I thought that maybe I would make the Stars Wars or Marvel quilt for my son. And then I thought again. That just seemed like a lot of work. I don’t LOVE to sew but I love to sew. When I sew, I kinda of get into this rhythm and zone and I’m able to just think. I’ve been itching to sew but my room is still quite a mess. I can’t really get to my sewing machine and the times that I’ve sewn I had to do it at the kitchen table. Doable but inconvenient.

Anyway I digress. It came to me that her quilt patterns could be used as rainy day or free time art activity with construction paper. Quilt patterns would make a great activity for some geometric fun play. Quietplay’s quilt patterns are fun and include favorites like Marvel, DC and Star Wars but she also has great woodland creatures and boats and planes.

All you need are scissors, construction paper, glue and something to use as a background like canvas, cardstock or construction paper. Check out these great patterns that would be perfect to print out for fun geometric play.

Or check out those Marvel, DC and Star Wars quilt patterns for fun play. Maybe you could have the whole class do one and join them together to make one big paper quilt like this fabric one.

Photo: Quiet Play
Photo: Quiet Play

And how about picking up one of these t-shirts featuring great patterns like this one from Quiet Play.

Photo:Quiet Play
Photo:Quiet Play

I’d wear that.

Have a great day and stay classy!



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