The Daily Suga’|10 Ways to Recycle Your Vintage Sewing Machine

“Sew” many ways to use that vintage sewing machine. My Grandmother has an old Singer trundle sewing machine that sat on the covered front porch in her home. I used to LOVE pretending that I was sewing and pushing the peddle. Little did I know then that I would develop a love for sewing years later. I inherited my Grandmother’s vintage Singer when she passed and can honestly say that I wasn’t as appreciative of it as I should of been. I painted it white when I was a teenager and then I neglected it when I went of to school. My brother thought that he could fix it but he’s not handy and it end up in my mom’s shed. Well, it got water damaged and parts got lost.


IMAG3119After design school, I had a new desire for that sewing machine and all the memories attached to it. So I pulled it out of my mom’s shed and put it in the attic, determined to restore it one day. Well that day never came. Instead I decided to selvage what I could. I kept the drawers to use for storage in my craft room and the trundle became a table with the help of my husband and an old piece of butcher block. I LOVE it. Around the same time I found a table with out a sewing machine, so I put the beautiful sewing machine from my Grandma and put that in the new table. They both sit in a place of prominence in my living room and I LOVE seeing them everyday.

Take a look at how these creatives gave new life to their vintage Singers.


How do you think you would recycle your old Singer?

Happy sewing!

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