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The most precious thing we can pass down to our children is our faith—the confident conviction that God is who He says He is and will do all He has promised for us.

5 ways we can pass down our faith to our children

  1. Teach practical biblical principles. Kids need to know God’s views on matters such as money, friendship, and honest living. Each night I read to my son from a boys devotional that teaches brief lessons on these principles.
  2. Be an example and model character through your lifestyle. Kids do what we do more often than they do what we say. How we live loudly communicates to our children what we believe about our heavenly Father and His importance in our lives.
  3. Serve God by serving others and show your kids the importance of serving others. As parents, if we want children not to develop a self-centered perspective, than our of examples of servanthood are key.
  4. Again show your kids an example of your faith. If they’re too young to pray for themselves than intercede for them. Kids won’t forget hearing us pray regularly for them.
  5. Tell them that you love to them. They need to know we love them the way that God loves us—just the way we are with no conditions no matter what. These spoken words of love breathe life into their hearts. And as we affirm them for trusting God, they see that we value their spiritual growth.
Faith 1
Photo credit: Kathy Weller

Focus, Faith, Fearlessness Mug via Kathy Weller Art

Faith 2
Photo credit: Sweet Ts Design Shoppe

Faith, Hope Love Tee via Sweet Ts Design Shoppe

Faith 3
Photo credit: A Type of Inspiration

Walk by Faith via A Type of Inspiration

Faith 4
Photo credit: Red Dirt Threads OK

Faith over Fear via Red Dirt Threads OK

Prayer Journal Essentials
Prayer Journal Essentials

One great way to keep a record of where your faith has brought you is to keep a prayer journal or binder.

Or create a prayer wall. I’m definitely going to incorporate this into our home.

Or if you’re a creative start a Bible Art Journal.

Find a journal for yourself and get a journal for your child too!

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