She Tried It|DIY Responsibility System

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

So you guys know that my husband and I are taking a different approach with our son and part of that is giving him more responsibility. I have been searching high and low for a good chore chart system for quite awhile.  I found the Buoy Company System and that’s great for helping Cam stay on task with daily “to dos” but it’s not everything we need. We want to teach him to be responsible and independent so we knew some sort of system that introduced the concept of money  (saving, spending, and giving) and  rewards and consequences was needed.  The Buoy Company System addresses his responsibilities for which he will get no compensation, and responsibility system is for him to earn a small amount of money for completing certain chores.  When I saw this great system on Uncommon Goods I just knew that I could create my own version. The price is good but I’m not sure if it will really be as effective as I hope so I decided to “try ” and make one of my own before investing my hard earned coin. I had some stuff laying around the house because I told you guys that I was doomsday prepping for being an art teacher.

Then I went on Pinterest and found more great ideas. I decided to combine the ideas and this is what I created and how I created it.

CREATING THE BOARD.  I didn’t buy new boards for this project. I had a magnetic white board and a cork board that I already had on hand and only purchased what I needed to.

Chore Board

We wanted something visual as incentive to get Cam to do his chores so I chose this aspect (the money) of the boards that I saw on Pinterest. All I needed were magnetic clips. We’ve been using the Buoy Company System (with great success) and I had some duplicate tiles.  So I used my skills (you can just find chore images from the Net) and using sticker paper, I made stickers and covered up the duplicate tiles. If you want to DIY these you can find magnetic sheets from Staples or Office Depot and just print out your own magnets. Again you can find tons of images on Google or on Pinterest.


  • Magnetic 2 x 2 Squares ( I used tiles from The Buoy Company)
  • Magnetic  Clips

Chore 5


I loved Fisher Kids idea for the Spend, Save, Give pouches so I “borrowed” it. I found pouches over at Oriental Trading Company and magnetic hooks on Amazon and just used fabric makers to write the colorful words. Our thought is that every time he gets paid he has to put 10% in the Give pouch and then put some in Spend and some in Save. I also like Fisher Kids Paycheck Pad. For our purposes, I made my own paycheck and used self adhesive contact paper to cover them so we could use a dry erase marker and reuse the paychecks.

Chore 7


  • White pouches
  • Fabric Markers
  • Magnetic Hooks

Another idea that I borrowed from Fisher Kids were the spinners for Boredom and Consequences. Using Illustrator, I created my own spinners. I found spinners on Amazon and printed out the boards on cardstock. These spinners are easy to assemble. I just cut a hole in the middle and popped in the spinner and then glued another piece of cardstock to the back. Then I cut off two inches on both sides just to make it look neat.


  • Boredom” and “Consequences” Spinner pdfs
  • Cardstock
  • Spinners
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  •  Ruler


Chore 1


I placed three baskets underneath to hold the reward cards that will be given to my son when he reads or shows positive behavior. The reward cards came from Oriental Trading Company and I found the baskets at Staples.


Chore 6

This system is a mix of different systems but I believe it’s the best for our family. We’ll start using it this week. I’ll keep you posted!

Chore Board

Stay classy and love each other!

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