The Weekly Roundup|8 Totally Awesome Pop Culture Finds and Inspirations

The Weekly Roundup Pop Art

Nostalgia and pop culture evoke all kinds of memories. Headbands and legwarmers, Jazzercise and Jane Fonda. Saturday morning cartoons and after school specials. I (LOVE) the 80s! The weekly roundup up this week shows love for pop culture.

  1. Art prints from Adam Lister via always appeal to my inner geek.
  2. Challenge your art eye with this visual puzzle a la Where’s Waldo called Where’s Warhol.
  3. Pointillism 3.0 by Gary Andrew Clarke. Clean, minimal and classic.
  4. How about this company finding new use for the office staple?
  5. Technology will be forever a symbol in our pop culture but Kim Dong-kyu shows us yesteryear.
  6. As a mom, I’m always looking for ways to get my son to eat his food. This artist has the right idea.
  7. Ever wonder how millennials view famous artwork? Read about it over on Refinery 29.
  8. I’m gonna tell I don’t get it. My son loves it. But it’s pretty dope this cartoon was created by a woman. Sure to be a new pop classic.

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The Weekly Roundup Pop Art

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