The Daily Suga’|The Romper-My Favorite Summer Fashion Go To

Last year summer vacation, I lived in my rompers. They were perfect for the Florida heat and the styles ranged from super casual to dressy. With great anticipation, I can’t wait to pull them out this year for our Cali trip.

I’m feeling pretty excited for the warmer weather, the salty breeze of the Pacific and of course, the lighter, brighter side of  fashion.

Look at all these great versions of my summer go to!


  1. charles henry short sleeve floral|88.00
  2. hm embroidered organza jumpsuit|49.99
  3. gap long sleeve print romper|59.95
  4. zara stone necklace jumpsuit|69.90
  5. target le kate long sleeve romper|39.99

What’s your summer fashion go to? Love to hear!

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