Soul Suga’|It Took 40 Years To Be This Person

punch fear

Last year this time, my husband and I were still understanding our different diagnoses of Lyme disease, thyroid diseases and pre-diabetes, after many trips to the ER and several types of tests and doctors.  For my husband that meant an answer to health issues that had plagued him since 2013 and a long road to recovery. For me that meant losing weight and taking special care of my body.  We completely changed our families diet much to the confusion of our aged parents. We turned to more natural remedies to support our health and I made exercise my new routine.

2015 has been a road to recovery for both of us with ups and downs and some setbacks. After 40, the weight just doesn’t want to fall off no matter how hard you work. In March, after an emergency situation that ended up shutting down my local post office, I resolved to change my life. I’d been limping along on for some time knowing that I needed to make a change. I simply didn’t like my job and every day was a struggle. But just as years of pressure on coal, creates a diamond, the years of pressure that God allowed helped me to become something new and beautiful .

The teaching profession has been calling me in some capacity for a while. After much prayer and discussion with God , I decided to take the steps in that direction this year. I spent the first half of the year studying my butt  off so that I could pass the Praxis II for Art and the ACT. Both tests necessary for certification with MSDE. It’s been between 13-16 years since I’ve had any art classes and the last time I took the ACT, I was a junior in high school. By the grace of God, I passed both tests and I moved on to signing up for classes to satisfy teaching content. I applied for a teaching position but I didn’t get it. I’m not ready but I showed the school system that I was determined and serious about my dedication to teach.


We traveled to Orlando for a much-needed family vacation and we had blast. I got time to spend time with my close friend and her family. A much-needed rest for me because I had to come home and take a test that same week.

I submitted my application for transcript review to the state and I started classes in September. I hit those classes HARD. I registered for four classes but I ended up with three after I got my transcript evaluation back. Every minute I had or could steal, I was doing schoolwork. I have a great family support system and this is such a blessing. It’s crazy to think that in 7 months I’m going to walk away from a job that I’ve had for the past 12 years, for the fairly uncertain but I’m standing on God’s promises.

We-must-lose-fear-of-being-wrong-to-live-a-creative-life I’m excited and nervous but solid in my decision. It’s time. Like the title says it took me 40 years to become this person. A healthier, more spiritual, more self-aware person ready to step out on faith. A person that’s ready to embrace creativity on a daily basis, on a full-time basis from now on. This blog is just one of the many ways I intend to do that. Some of my other creative goals include:

  1. Writing a children’s book
  2. Teaching art and/or fashion design
  3. Making and selling Pink Koala bags again
  4. Create a line of inspirational t-shirts
  5. Locate and renovate a mobile unit for an after school program
  6. Create a Shutterfly recipe book with my mom
  7. Designing prints and patterns, and
  8. Being creative with my family
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This is just the beginning. I’m finally getting back to my roots. Following my creative calling. The more creativity I use, the more I have. I hope We are F.A.S.H.I.O.N can inspire others to follow their creative calling too. Wishing you all a Happy “Creative” 2016. Happy New Year!



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