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79c569003c1b47ea929aecc185e0d8d1When I started really researching the idea of opening a sewing and design studio or starting an afterschool fashion program, I looked around for ideas about getting started. Did I need a license? LLC or sole proprietor? Home business or outside location? Insurance and how much? I tried to find any information I could. I contacted someone in my area with a studio but I could tell she was not willing to even answer the basic questions. Studying the competition (that’s another step) was easy. There are plenty of studios out there and you can get a basic understanding of their business model but you really have to dig.

So I’ve decided to document my journey so that maybe someone else looking for that same information won’t have to dig as much as I did.

So for me the first step was finding my idea. Look around you and discover a need. When I was in design school, I was one of like 3 AA students in a sea of Caucasian and Asian students. Now I don’t have issue with any race but I feel like you’re only getting one perspective if you don’t have diversity in any situation. Fashion is no exception.

So when I was at Drexel, I came up with the concept of a non-profit program that specifically targeted those unrepresented minorities (Indian, AA, Hispanic, etc.). There was a business plan competition and I entered my plan. I didn’t win but I knew that I had a good idea and I planned to pursue it one day. There was a need and I decided to try to do something about it.

Here are a couple of resources that I came across:

Teach Kids to Sew Using the Kids Can Sew Program

Turning Your Passion Into Profit (Kindle)

Teach Other to Sew (website)

Love to Sew (website)

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Hey, I'm small town girl with a big love for design and the woman behind We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N.This blog is about everything I'm interested in and everything that I want to share with the world. Join me in making, reading, creatively sharing and being creatively inspired.

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