The Style Guide|Creating Your Style Guide Part 3

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The purge is really a continuous process but let’s move on. Ok, so we’re about to finish this up. Then I went back to Pinterest (and a separate folder of individuals style images) and I printed everything image out. For Pinterest, you can use something like Snag It or Snipping Tool to grab the page and then cut each image out individually.


Then I pasted every image in the 5 x 7 notebook. That way I could always have my own personal style guide at the tip of my fingers no matter where I was. My notebook is small enough to put in my purse so when I began shopping for items to fill in my wardrobe, I had my list and my images right with me.

So now as I pick out clothes, I know exactly what I like and what I’ll wear and I’m no longer a slave to those outlining purchases or trend driven purchases. I’m 40 now and it’s time for a big girl wardrobe.

And that’s it! Whenever I’m having that “what do I wear” moment or that “I have nothing to wear moment”, I just grab my style guide, flip through the pages and it’s not long before I have decided on an outfit for the day.

This practice truly helped me. Even though, I’ve always been pretty stylish, I found at 40 I needed to refine my style a bit. Now there isn’t anything in my closet that I don’t want to wear. I love what I wear and I wear what I love.

So go forth and sort, purge, pin, list, shop and build (or rebuild) your dream wardrobe.

Look out for Part 4-Styling Tips

Happy shopping and Stay classy! Trina

Do you have a style guide? If so share yours with our readers.

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