The Suga’|The Weekly Roundup|Am I My Sister’s Keeper..

The Weekly Roundup

Yes I am! In honor of Black Girls Rock, today’s roundup features awesome happenings in girls and women of color. For those out there that question BGR or believe that it’s racist in anyway, I say this “Would you rather have young women of color being a detriment to society and themselves or making a contribution and making this world a better place not just for people of color but for everyone”. When we do something to uplift a community, we are uplifting society as a whole. Remember that!

  1. Putting color in kids literature via #1000blackgirlbooks.
  2. Creating eco-friendly fashion accessories via Maya’s Ideas.
  3. Preteen Egypt Ufele combating bullying with creativity and a sewing machine.
  4. Combating obesity in the black community and society at large via BGR  (this black is still working on this).
  5. Giving naturalistas like myself a creative platform via Curly Nikki.
  6. Read about The NOVO Foundation pledging to support for women and girls of color over on Huffington Post.
  7. On White read about the challenges facing women and girls of color and help make a difference!

Stay positive and stay classy!


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