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Strong 1

Happy Easter!

Emotional strength is important because it gives us greater power to choose how to respond in every situation. Developing emotional strength can greatly improve our lives. With emotional strength and faith, we can weather any storm or situation.

To build strength, we must first be self-aware. Self-awareness helps increase our emotional strength. As we increase our self-awareness, we will better understand how things impact us and how to control how we feel. When we’re self-aware we become stronger emotionally because we learn how to control our emotions. Self-discipline gives us greater control and power over those emotions and those details of our lives. Having a positive self-image also builds emotional strength. The key to developing a positive self-image is for us to accept ourselves, but to keep improving, growing and learning. That starts inside by cleaning up our inner dialogues. Positive self-dialogue supports emotional strength. We need to make sure what we’re putting in our minds is positive so that our inner dialogues support a positive self-image.

Strong 2Be courageous. Most people fear something. Courage means that, even though we are afraid, we do the thing we fear anyway. We must face our fears and when we do, we build confidence in ourselves and abilities. When we’re more confident we can be more assertive. Being assertive is very helpful in be respected, getting our needs met and learning to say no at times when things don’t sit well with our souls.

Have patience, build perseverance, be grateful for life and be optimistic. We should turn our thoughts towards others. Be generous and serve others. When we serve others, we feel better about ourselves and this also strengthens our emotions.

Strong 3

More importantly develop faith. Having faith in God, means we can pray to Him for strength and He will hear us and answer our prayers according to His will for our lives.  Faith can move mountains and is a cure for many ails. With faith, we make better choices. We’re more at peace and happy. Faith helps us find purpose for our life here on earth. When challenging things happen to us, faith in God helps us make sense of things and helps us carry on with a sense of hope and purpose.



Strong 4

Stay strong and blessed. Happy Easter!

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