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“Leap and the net will appear”-Shemar Moore

Last night I watched the final episode for Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds. I love Criminal Minds although I can’t watch it at night if I’m home alone. I mention that because what’s interesting about him leaving the show were his reasons.

Just like the Steve Harvey post I shared, Moore too felt it was time to jump, time to take a “leap”. Something anyone with goals and dreams bigger than where they currently are needs to eventually do. Shemar Moore has done it before. I enjoyed watching him on the TV soup Young and the Restless but he jumped from that show and landed on Criminal Minds for 11 seasons.

Recent events have reminded me how fleeting life is and how important is to step out on faith for believers, and I guess for nonbelievers to take a chance. You’ve all heard to me say it but in about 5 months I’m “leaping” and when I read this article it was like hearing the voices in my own head.

Almost on a daily basis, people come to me dejected and looking for fulfillment. I try to express to them that life is too short and the stress they are feeling will eat them up from the inside out and that they need to make a change. It’s never too late. It’s scary but anyone that’s ever become great whether you’re an actor or a owning a business has had to make a decision. And that decision is “to leap”.

So I guess today’s creative call is not about creating a product or a thing but creating a life you love. Do I want you all to quit your jobs? Yea sort of. If that job is unfulfilling and it’s taking your soul. I know bills and responsibilities but that’s a small price to the medical bills you’ll be paying for the effects stress will have on your health. I’m not saying chuck it all with no resemblance of a plan but I am saying make a plan, put that plan in action and then jump.

Proverbs 13:12 teaches us that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. We were not meant to constantly put off working toward our heart’s desires. We were not meant to postpone our creative call and feel unfulfilled and empty as a result. We were meant to act with hopeful hearts. Think on this. How would you finish these statements 1) I always hoped that I’d…, 2) I wish that I had the courage to…, 3) If I could go back in, I would…

Don’t bury that call to create or be more creative instead give yourself permission to fully explore what’s stirring in your heart. Abandon your fears and jump.

What has been your “hope deferred” and how are you going actualize that hope today?

Live creatively!



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