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Think Independently Art Print by SoulonPaperCo

Strong independent women know how to express themselves at their core and are not defined by their circumstances.

My parents divorced when I was young and I was raised by my mom. She raised me to be independent. Finish school, get a job, and then find a guy that I liked. She strongly believed in me becoming a strong, independent woman and finding my own happiness before I established a relationship. She wanted me to have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. And I appreciate her for that. I know that was because she didn’t want me to repeat her mistakes. She didn’t want to see me in an unhealthy relationship with someone and fall into co-dependent patterns.

One of the things that I want to share with young girls that I mentor is the importance of being independent. As a mom, I’m also trying to raise my son to be independent. Just like my mother, I don’t want him to have to depend on anyone for his happiness or well-being. And for that’s because even though my mom raised me (the only girl) to be independent, I’m not sure she did that with my brothers. Here are a few ways to practice becoming independent.

  1. Remember to take care of yourself. Give yourself what you need first. It’s like when you’re on a plane and they tell you to put your mask on first. You must take care of yourself first before you can tend to anyone else.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to other people. It’s great to have a role model to look up to just don’t be envious or jealous. Jealousy is natural but we must recognize when we’re experiencing it and squash it quickly. We are no “better” or “worse” than others.Don’t hate and don’t be a hater.
  3. Set clear boundaries that prioritize your own needs and once you’ve set them stick to them. Learn to say no.
  4. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and don’t be ashamed or sorry when you do.
  5. Believe in yourself. When you believe in your abilities and your achievements, then you will convey strength. Don’t let others affect your confidence. When you lack confidence or play the victim, you risk letting others walk all over you instead of getting what you need and want.
  6. Embrace your uniqueness and embrace the uniqueness in others. Everybody has their own talents, if you see them other let them know. Embrace your talents and be proud of them.
  7. Carve out own niche in life and your own path. 




Independently Happy T-shirt by Echolyla


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Fearless Independent Original Art Print by LulusimonStudio


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