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Fearless 8

Fearless Mixed Media Print via Carlas Funky Art

“Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl.” – Taylor Swift

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can stop us from reaching our possible greatness and it can hold us back from living life to its fullest. Fear robs us of our creativity and it reduces our personal power. Most of our fears are not based on physical threats. They‘re based on perceived threats about some future event that usually has a low chance of happening. Overcoming fear is very important to completing the goals we  want in life. And it‘s a necessary ingredient for improving our life situations. Here are seven steps to help overcome fear.

7 Ways to Live Fearlessly

  1. Become aware. In order to change and live life fearlessly you must become aware of it. Choose joy over worry.
  2. Visualize fearlessness. To be a success, we have to first “see” ourselves being successful. Live your fearless life in your mind!
  3. Ask yourself – what’s the worst thing that can happen if I do this? Most of our fears rest on shaky foundations just waiting to be crumbled.
  4. Expect to win in your life!
  5. Select a vision for yourself and stick to that vision until you’ve brought it fully to life.
  6. Gather your courage and faith in yourself and take action.
  7. When we trust instead of think, we walk instead of sink.


Fearless 1

Fearless Monster Art Print via Styla Prints and Designs

Fearless 2

Be Fearless Art Print via Beau Typographie

Fearless 3

Fearless Art Print via Lilypad Printables

Fearless 4

Fearless Block Script T-shirt via Motivated Press

Fearless 5

Fearless Cookbook via Neland Ada

Fearless 6

Fearless Tote via Mystatement

Fearless 7

Fearless Card via Wander on Words



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