“We Are” 101|Awesome

Awesome 11

Awesome Patch via Strawberrymoth

…in honor of International Day of Awesome, I’m sharing 10 ways of being awesome and some “Awesome” finds.

adjective: awesome
  1. extremely good; excellent

Shine as you are!

Let me share something I found a long time ago. The Ten Commandments of Being Awesome…

  1. Don’t be afraid to be a dork.
  2. Say yes to new experiences and new things.
  3. Don’t take criticism personally. Use it as fuel, a building block, a mirror, a stepping stone, just use it.
  4. Embrace failure. You only lose from not trying. Learn from it, dust yourself off, and keep moving.
  5. Be present in life.
  6. Give everyone a chance. We can learn something from every new person we meet.
  7. Help others.
  8. Don’t stop learning.
  9. Don’t listen to naysayers.
  10. Life starts today.


Awesome 1

Neon “Awesome” via Marcus Conrad Poston

Awesome 2

Awesome 80s T-shirt via Shirtmandude

Awesome 3

Awesome Pencils via Taylor Elliott Designs

Awesome 4

Stay Awesome Art Print via Makewells

Awesome 5

Do More To Be Awesome Art Print via Lochness Studio

Awesome 6

I Wake Up Awesome Printable via KiwiInTheClouds

Awesome 7

Everything is Awesome Kid Tee via Briley Studios

Awesome 13

Awesome Pillow via Alexandra Ferguson

Awesome 8

Je M’Appelle T-shirt via Geek Down Apparel

Awesome 9

Collage Poster Print via Green Match

Awesome 10

Awesome Card via Hello Small World

Awesome 12

Awesome Tote via Alexandra Ferguson

Awesome  14

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome via Amazon

WE GOT IT! Stay awesome!


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