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These characters were born out of the imagination of my son when he was three years old. We were on a long trip to Ohio and I was playing around learning how to draw cartoon characters and trying to entertain him. Meet CameronG3 and the Furious Fighters (or Fantastic Friends) Scarface and Little John.

Each of the characters is biracial like my son. Every night I would tell him a CameronG3 story in which they battled some crazy foe or battled their arch nemesis Beaner Bonner (he named him). He really loved those stories. As he grew up and became more interested in superheroes, he started to notice shall I say the lack of diversity in the superheroes that he saw in movie and expressed a desire to not be the color that he was born. That was sad but it made me want to create something in print that he could have that celebrated differences.

I decided to take the characters off paper and give him something that he could hold on to and play with. These are the plushies. I drew them out in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed on fabric through Spoonflower. He helped me color them and then I sewed them up.

Along with the plushies, I knew that I wanted to create more stories featuring the friends and their nemesis. Over the past couple of years, I’ve collected a few books on writing children’s stories, done some research, and now I’m ready to start writing. I’ve already completed one chapter. We’re both(my son and I) excited about seeing the story on paper.

The Discovery

I opened the door to my “secret fortress” and walked inside. My “secret fortress” was actually a storage closet under the stairs in my grandmother’s house. I discovered the fortress by accident while my mom and I were visiting my grandmother, Grandma M.

The closet wasn’t really all that secret and it wasn’t all that big but when I stepped inside the closet it became my secret fortress. Some days, I played in there for hours. Little did I know but today my visit to the fortress was going to lead to a very special discovery.

“I’m going to get you Beaner Bonner” I said, as I played with my superhero figures.

“You’ll never catch me” I said in my best villainy voice. I crashed my superhero figures in an epic battle. All of a sudden, I tripped over something on the floor and fell into a bunch of boxes.

“Crash!” “BAM!” Ouch! A dusty blue box fell from the top of the pile and hit me on the arm. When the box hit the floor, it opened up. Inside the box, I could see some shiny fabric and a flash of gold.

“Cameron, what was that noise?” Mom called, “Come on out of there, we have to go home now.”

“In a minute, Mom.” I called to my mom. I had to see what was inside this box. I reached inside the box and pulled out a red shiny cape with a huge gold star on it. The star shined really bright. I reached inside the box again and pulled out another shiny cape. This cape was blue. Right beside that cape was a shiny green cape and three masks.

“Why does Grandma have these capes and masks in this box?”

“Cameron, come out there right now.” Mom called. Oh man, I’ve got to know where they came from but I guess I won’t find out today. I picked up the boxes including the dusty blue box and left my fortress. I need to ask my grandma about this box.

All of this started in the imagination of a little boy. Should we all have childlike abandon the wonderful things we could create.

Stay open!



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