Jedi Training Academy Birthday Party

Choosing a Star Wars party was a no-brainer when it came time to plan my son Cameron’s 7th birthday party.  We’d just been to Disney in June and visited the Star Tours and Cam got the chance to face off with Darth Vader. I decided to put my spin on the training academy by providing the kids with a short obstacle course, Jedi robes (here’s link to the robes) and an ultimate showdown with the man himself. If you’re interested in more about the party keep reading.

First stop: I found the invitation on Etsy. They did a great job but I had to change the date of the party and had to use Illustrator to change the invitation.

A huge Darth Vader Mylar balloon greeted the guests. After the kids ran around for a while, the real fun began. The obstacle course!!

The obstacles were set up to culminate in the ultimate showdown with Darth Vader. I started by welcoming the “young padawan” to the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy and teaching them 6 Jedi moves. The moves we used were 1) high block right, 2) high block left, 3) low block right, 4) low block left, 5) center death blow, and 6) the force.

After their training, the kids lined up for the obstacle course. After each kid ran through the course, I pumped them up for the ultimate battle. The  Imperial March began and the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader don’t forget the helmet (the one that comes with the costume is flimsy). Each performed their moves with Cameron (the birthday boy) finishing him off. The kids then had a blast with the Darth Vader pinata and afterwards each kid received a Jedi Training Certificate.


Star Wars Jedi Certificate

Jedi Training Certificate

  • The Takeaway: Jedi Robes and Foam Lightsabers were provided for all the kids and now I’m providing the pattern for the robe and the instructions for the
  • The Movie: Lego “The Padawan Menace”
  • The Swag: Star Wars bags, Light Saber like water shooters, Star Wars Pez, Star Wars Jelly Belly jellybeans, Star Wars fruit snacks, Star War pencils, Star Wars plastic cups
  • The Decor: Red, Blue and Green Tablecloths, Star Tablecloth,Cameron’s Play-skol  Star Wars Figures, Star Wars plates and napkins, Lightsaber Cupcake picks, Darth Vader pinata, R2-D2 Airwalker, Star Wars balloons
  • The Obstacle Course: Toss the Meteorites, Dodge the Storm Trooper lasers, Shoot (targets) the Siths, Launch the Star-Fighters, Destroy the Death Star

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The ultimate battle, Jedi challenges, balloons, cupcakes, candy, and friends.  What could be more fun?

Fun, we had. Classy, stay! Yeesssssss!



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