Pattern Love| Urban Camouflauge


As someone that works with camouflage every day, I was really intrigued when I saw this product featured on Design Milk. A studio in Stockholm called Mair / Wennel designed a material that turns accidental, everyday spills into a new kind of urban camouflage.

Using a selection of the most common stains from everyday life, they created  Dirt Pattern Material, which I call urban camouflage or MOMuflage (no need to worry about a little leakage in a shirt made from this material). This material is an artistic way to hide those dirty spills. They found by overlapping the stains, the pattern reveals itself and the nature of the design allows for additional spills which allows the art to grow over time. This is genius and what creativity is all about. This is the “Beautiful Oops” and would make a great art project to go along with the story. I could gather stuff like mustard, grape juice, cranberry juice, obviously not blood but we could use ink and create a canvas of “beautiful oops” from dirty spills and show students that it mistakes don’t have to be a tragedy even for your most favorite article of clothing and can actually be great art.

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