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Stitch Fix Box
My Stitch Fix box

So I’ve decided to do a little fashion experiment. I’ve shared with all of you my fashion strategies for creating the perfect wardrobe and now I’ve decided to see how someone else can style me based on my profile.

The first box I chose had to be Stitch Fix because um it was founded by a fellow “Katrina” and it’s all about fashion and clothes. Here’s what they picked for me.

Cathyrn Dress
Knit Jacket
Asa Knit Blazer
SF Earrings 1
Lorelai Leaf Drop Earrings
Top and Jacket
Asa Knit Blazer over Glormarie Lace Blouse


The process was pretty simple. You sign up and fill out a profile asking about your style and sizes etc. Because I had already done the work on my Pinterest board,I was able to refer them to my board to give my stylist a better idea of what I liked.

Guys, let me tell you they did a really good job picking out everything. What’s crazy is the one thing that I didn’t like when I took it out of the box was the dress, but once I put it on it looked really good. You pay $20 up front and this is applied as a credit to whatever you end up keeping. The prices ranged from 28.00 -88.00 which is good for me. Once they applied the credit in my mind, I felt better about paying for the dress (88.00) because 68.00 is really what it should cost IMO.

Will I do it again? Absolutely. The experience was really easy and straightforward. Stitch Fix provides you with the return shipping package and everything. As much as I love clothes, I’ve become a lazy shopper which is why I came up with my style plan. I don’t want to think about it too much. That’s probably why capsule wardrobes are so popular. You still want to look good but just not spend as much time doing it. So if you’re like me Stitch Fix would be perfect for you.

Here’s what other are saying at hellosubscription, the muse, ramblingsofasuburbanmom,, thetinytwig, and mashable.

Stay fancy!

*As a side note, I received no compensation for this review.



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