Art School|3D Pixel Artist| Adam Lister


Adam Lister, an 8-bit-inspired artist, and Isaac Budmen, an artist working mainly with 3D printing, joined together to produce 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions, a collection of 2D and 3D “prints” of various iconic images from art and culture. Using a combination of 3D printing technology and watercolor hand work, the duo has crafted a series of unique and highly recognizable interpretations of famous pieces of art and pop culture scenes.

Lister does the original watercolor work, then the piece is made digital by hand and  modeled by Budmen. It’s then 3D printed out of colored sandstone into the finished product that you see. This is definitely a style of art that I want to try with my students.I’m thinking colored pencils drawings and felt 3D. Or maybe we can afford a 3D printer and we could create our pieces that way. Oh the possibilities.


These items are available to purchase on too.

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