And the Liebster goes to….

Liebster Award

YOU LIKE ME, YOU REALLY REALLY LIKE ME (Sally Fields Oscar win 1985)!

Thanks for nominating me. It’s absolutely cool to recognize new blogs. We all need the love! Jane’s a newbie like me but she loves fashion and I love fashion, so she’s my sister from another mister.

My answers to the 10 questions:

1) Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Like my home post says, Stay true to what you’re interested and what you want to share with the world.

2) Favorite hobbies? When I’m not studying I enjoy playing video games with my son, sewing, crafting, drawing, and blogging.

3)What is the best part of of having a blog?

Just sharing all the cool creative stuff going on in this crazy world.

4)Favorite food?

Mango and spinach smoothie

5)Would you rather win the lottery or live forever?

I would rather when the lottery. Eventually my loved ones would die and I’d be left alone.

6)Favorite TV show/ movie?

The Graham Norton Show

7)What is your favorite clothing store?

I don’t really have one anymore. I just buy what I love.

8)If you were stuck on a island for 30 days, what are 3 things you would bring with you?

My son, although he’s not thing, my laptop, my IPOD

9)Favorite social media platform?

I really like Pinterest and Instagram. I’m a visual person.

10) What country do you want to travel to?

I’d love to go Venice, Italy.

10 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I was on the Oprah Winfrey show with my family as guests in 1999.
  2. I’m studying to become an art teacher.
  3. I had my DNA done and I’m 88% African, 11% European and 1% Native American but 100% American.
  4. I have a seven year old son.
  5. Most people think that my husband is the geek in the family but I’m the one that takes my son to all the superhero movies and the comic conventions.
  6. I’ve been following a Paleo diet since 2014.
  7. I really love candy but I’m prediabetic so I’ve cut it out of my diet.
  8. I still really love dolls and teddy bears.
  9. I’m really nervous about teaching and I’m really excited too.
  10. My favorite group was New Kids on the Block until Donnie Wahlberg married Jennie McCarthy and then I just had to quit them. Before that I was Hangin’ Tough since 1988.

Blogs I nominate! (a few of you have more than 200 but I’m just spreading the love)

Inspirational Foodie

Ramona Criss Tea

Stylish Heath

The Crafty Mummy


Admirably Legal

The Positive Nation

Diary of a Novice Dressmaker


Classy Fun Chic

Ok, so my questions for these bloggers are…

  1. Why did you start blogging ?
  2. What are your family and friends thinking about you making this blog ?
  3. Who has had the biggest influence on you?
  4. What do you like about blogging?
  5. What do you dislike about blogging?
  6. Who are your top three favorite blogs/bloggers.
  7. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?
  8. What are 3 of your future goals?
  9. What was a profession you used to want to be, but are not now?
  10. What is the story behind your blog name?

Please let me know when you’ve posted your answers so I can check it out!

Stay Classy!



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Hey, I'm small town girl with a big love for design and the woman behind We Are F.A.S.H.I.O.N.This blog is about everything I'm interested in and everything that I want to share with the world. Join me in making, reading, creatively sharing and being creatively inspired.

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