The Suga’|The Name Game

“Katrina, Katrina, bo-batrina
Banana-fana fo-fatrina

Katrina Fabric

Katrina Fabric via Sylvr Threads

Truth, I haven’t always loved my name. When I was younger,I wanted to go by Nicole that’s my middle name. But as I got older I realized that Nicole’s were a dime a dozen, but Katrina’s were rare. So today I’m celebrating all the Katrina’s out there in the world.

Sharing the Katrina love!

Katrina Dutch Doll

Katrina Dutch Doll via Neutral Nellies

Katrina Dutch Doll Pottery

Katrina Dutch Pottery via Tolleth House Vintage

Katrina Was Here

Katrina Was Here Photograph via Photolr

Katrina Yarn

Katrina Yarn via Aprons and More

Katrina DOD

Katrina DOD Tablecloth via Zazou Style

Katrina and the Waves

“Walking on Sunshine” print via Peanut Oak Print

Katrina Sandals

Katrina Sandals via Artesanias Baytah

Katrina Art Doll

Katrina  Art Doll via MAnnMCreations

Katrina Record

Katrina Record via Luv My Wave

Katrina Print

Katrina Print via Little Miracle Prints

Katrina and Jan

Katrina and Jan Book via Nisse House

Katrina DOD Doll

Katrina DOD Doll via Travelers and Traders

If you want to create your own name game lyrics check out The Name Game Generator.

Any Katrina’s out there?

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