The Suga’| Lotty Dotty T-Shirts

wp-1454619321699.jpegToday you’re getting two lumps of suga’. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. And what nice little girl wouldn’t want one of this awesome shirts.

So I was “window shopping” on Zulily and I came across these FABULOUS kids shirts! Lotty Dotty shirts flipped the concept of the “paper doll” and created an interactive shirt design that allows your little girl to actually CHANGE the printed character’s outfit. With the use of interchangeable three-dimensional appliqués on a comfy cotton-blend base, she can customize their character’s look and express their individual creativity. How cool is that?!

Designed by two American moms in Paris, Lotty Dotty is helping turn our little ones into designers.

LD 11.jpg
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“As a parent, design + utility + fun is the perfect combination. Lotty Dotty T-shirts are playful, fashionable and made of 100% organic cotton. Our Velcro backed mini outfits are made from young designers worldwide-usually students in fashion schools. This coincides with our will to do as much as we can for budding entrepreneurs and our environment.”

Lotty Dotty shirts come in a variety of colors and sleeve lengths and feature a diverse group of character’s. Each shirt is 100% organic. You can pick from several diverse doll tees selecting one that has the hair color and skin tone you prefer. Each doll is screen-printed on the tee and each shirt comes with an outfit.

These are just so stinking cute and perfect for your budding fashion designer or fashionista. Not only can your daughter or son make a fashion statement with their outfit, they can make a fashion statement by dressing up the doll on their tee, too!

Lotty Dotty is sold in stores in Japan, Europe and the Middle East and uniquely on the website in the USA.

Stay classy!

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