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The other day, my son told me that he wanted to be “Internet Famous”. 🙂 He gets this from the show We Bare Bear and from the Diamond Minecart videos he watches on YouTube. I introduced him to DIY.ORG and he was able to make a short video which he was uber excited to do.

For Christmas, we got him the book Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies so that he can learn to code and make his own mods to share on YouTube. This world of coding is new to me as a parent but it is something that I’m slowly learning for my son and because I’d like to incorporate coding in my classroom.

Minecraft for Modding for Kids for Dummies provides a free year subscription to Learn to Mod when you buy the book. We’re slowly learning. I’ve also introduced him to a few other kid/parent friendly sites to learn how to code.

Learning coding and how to build simple websites and games helps kids refine their design, logic and problem-solving abilities and also allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways. Here are some of the resources that I found. is a great resource for teachers too



Learn to Mod

learn to mod

Code Academy

code academy

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